Don’t Take Cannabis Candy from Strangers (in Ohio)

Credit: Elise McDonough

Over the weekend, a concertgoer in Ohio allegedly handed out cannabis-infused edibles to fellow revelers without bothering to warn people just how high they could get, and as a result, 24 people started tripping balls, causing “adverse reactions.”

As reported by the Mansfield News Journal, Commander Lt. Joe Petrycki said the word “overdose” was too strong. “They didn’t lose consciousness,” he said. “They just felt different.” (Isn’t that the point?!)

Vague complaints ranging from euphoria and discomfort to tiredness led some concertgoers to seek hospital care, but “all the victims are expected to fully recover.”

According to witness reports, a man distributed Nerd Ropes, infused with cannabis by Michigan producer Dr. Greenbuds, handing them out freely to people and even tossing some into the crowd at the “Everybody Stand Together” music festival held at Ohio Dreams action sports camp in Worthington Township, Ohio.

These cannabis-infused Nerd Ropes contain 100 milligrams of THC per package. A recommended dose for a first-time user is only 10 milligrams.
These cannabis-infused Nerd Ropes contain 100 milligrams of THC per package. A recommended dose for a first-time user is only 10 milligrams.

Each package of Nerd Ropes lists 100 milligrams of THC as an active ingredient, but it’s unclear how much was consumed by the concertgoers. One arrest was made, of Matthew Gross, 28, hailing from Ypsilanti, Michigan, who has now been charged with charged with a fifth-degree felony.

Needless to say, Gross’ alleged actions were incredibly stupid, as novice users of cannabis edibles frequently become overwhelmed by large doses of THC. While no one was permanently injured by consuming completely non-toxic cannabis, the incident created more bad press further demonizing edible cannabis products, giving ammo to prohibitionists.

While no one should go to jail for possessing cannabis, handing out THC-infused candy to unsuspecting people who may not realize what’s in it creates a dangerous and negligent situation. Pranking people or getting them high without their knowledge or consent is a criminal offense and should remain one.

If you’re trying to spread the love at a festival or party, always start with low-dose edibles and clearly inform your guests how much THC is in the food, lest anyone have an unpleasant experience. Dose responsibly and follow our tried-and-true advice on how to consume edibles properly for a fun psychedelic adventure, not a bummer trip to the ER.

Also, if you’re attending a concert, don’t take candy from strangers!

  1. See Dr. Greenbuds? Dr. Greenbuds gives Cannabis treats without telling people what it is. Dr. Greenbuds is a real dumbass. Don’t be Dr. Greenbuds.

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