Cannabis-Enhanced Valentine’s Day Gifts for That Stoner Someone

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift to delight a special stoner this Valentine’s Day? Chances are, if you’re a committed cannaphile, your significant other also likes to puff tough, making your daily 4:20 rituals a chance to connect with each other on deep emotional issues. As one half of a “cannabis couple,” I’ve realized that sharing the herb offers my husband and I opportunities for collaborative creativity, relaxation and reconciliation, keeping our relationship strong and vibrant.

Create a romantic evening by offering a massage with infused cannabis topicals, a finely rolled joint, and decadent cannabis chocolate to help your lover get in a sensual mood. You could even prepare a classy infused feast, but make sure not to go overboard, lest you end up getting too sleepy to consummate the occasion!

Best Cannabis Chocolates

Happy Eatable’s Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Nicely boxed for gift-giving, these heart-shaped chocolates are dosed at 25 milligrams of THC. Start with one and let the waves of bliss blanket your body, building to a crescendo of pleasure and contentment. Keep in mind to time your dose correctly. If you’re eating a nice Valentine’s Day meal and consuming cannabis chocolate for dessert, you might not feel the effects of the THC for two or more hours. Sometimes it’s best to start with dessert first!


G Farma Labs Liquid Gold Delights Mint Meltaways

First place winner at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2014, these beautifully decorated truffles were favored by all of the judges for their taste, as well as their mellow dose. Each truffle contained 25 milligrams of THC for a relaxing treat that won’t send you into the stratosphere, unless you eat all eight! Very professionally packaged and presented, this box of truffles is appropriately dosed for the occasional edible-eater and makes a wonderful gift. Best of all, you can find GFarma Labs chocolates in over 600 California dispensaries.

Grace Notes Chocolate Box

These amazing bonbons arrived in conceptual packaging that celebrated marijuana’s long history with jazz music. The various flavors were dubbed with jazz-inspired names like Muggles, which was a Blackberry Sage truffle, and Watermelons Pickles, containing caramelized fruits. The “Ain’t Misbehavin’” was my favorite, with classic salted caramel. There are six bonbons per box, and they range from 20 to 35 milligrams of THC per chocolate. If your baby just cares for cannabis, this is the perfect gift!

Best Cannabis Lotions & Lubes


The original cannabis-based female lubricant, Foria is designed to be applied about 15 to 30 minutes before beginning intercourse, so be sure to time it right! Everyone from Cosmopolitan and GQ to USA Today have weighed in on the benefits of Foria, so be sure to check it out and see if it works for you. Some women claim 15-minute-long orgasms, while other say it helps with relaxation and lowering inhibitions. One woman was quoted as saying “An orgasm with Foria feels like the most amazing thing your body has ever felt in your whole life. I can’t explain it—it’s out of this world. And I truly mean that. It leaves you feeling breathless.” Find Foria in California dispensaries as well as Colorado retail stores.

Sextiva Vaginal Sexual Enhancement Oil by Innovative Extractions

A Foria competitor, Sextiva is designed to be used in much the same way. The Third Place Winner at the recent High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Southern California in the Topicals category, this spray can be found at various dispensaries in the Los Angeles area.

Tree Lotion

These deliciously scented lotions are perfect for cannabis-infused bodywork. The secret ingredient is cannabis kief, making Tree Lotion soothing for sore muscles and offering relief for dry skin. Reward your partner with a relaxing back rub to get them in the mood for a romantic evening. Find Tree Lotions on Instagram or in Bay Area dispensaries.

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