Flashback Friday: Chef Ra’s Allhallowmass Feast

Summon the spirit of the late, great Chef Ra with his delectable Ganjaween Grilled Apples in Dips.
Flashback Friday: Chef Ra's Allhallowmass Feast
Chef Ra/ Steven Hager, YouTube

Also known as Jim Wilson, Jr., Chef Ra (1950–2006) was a cannabis foods writer and a fixture at High Times. In the October, 1994 issue, he shared a recipe for his Ganjaween Grilled Apples in Dips. Perhaps it’s time to revive Chef Ra’s spirit by revisiting the tempting dish for this year’s Halloween—a quarter of a century later.

Throughout the year we celebrate holidays which really have no meaning to us other than the fact that we get off from work. But Halloween is the time to go over the edge and be totally freaky.

Halloween has been one of the grand pagan holidays for centuries. Known as “All Saints Day,” Halloween is a pain in the ass for all the repressive puritans in our society. A mere mention of the word “pagan” brings chills to the right-wing Christian majority that has ruled the Western world through the ages. For centuries, anyone who did not accept the Christian way was deemed a heretic or witch and burned at the stake.

Today, the many tribes of the counterculture are feeling the same heat that the pagans felt in days of old. Along with the war on drugs, there is a war on our many diverse cultures and lifestyles. The Powers That Be want to mash us down because we want legal hemp and social freedom. Recently, a brother I know was trying to set up a store to sell witchcraft books and natural herbs. It happened to be in a small, redneck Southern town. Needless to say, the local authorities did not dig the store. The brother was forced to leave town because of death threats. He was quoted on the evening news saying, “Please, God, protect me from your followers.” His case is just another example of the intolerance that runs rampant in this country.

So Halloween is a holiday of the downtrodden, a time for all of us on the outside to stand up and celebrate our turbulent presence on this planet. Let’s get fucked up, my pagan brothers and sisters! Whether you are black or white, gay or straight, religious or just plain born-again pagan, let’s drink, smoke, fuck and be merry!

I would like to extend an invitation to all my fellow pagans to enjoy the feast of All Saints Day (which is also called “Allhallowmas”). But be careful not to over-indulge yourself like a friend of mine did last year. Every year, my friends and I barhop around town seeking good ganja, drink and casual sex. (Remember to wrap that rascal!) We were all dressed in our finest costumes when we set out to trick-or-treat. As soon as we had found enough of the above mentioned vices, we headed to the woods for the big Chef Ra Allhallowmas Feast. This feast is the psychic connection for dope heads. (We don’t need no 900 number!)

As the food was being laid out on the table, I noticed my friend Mona sampling my Ganjaween grilled apples. I watched as she ate one, then two, then three…. “Hold it, girl,” I said to her, “those are Ganjaween apples, and they are sure to fuck you up! Don’t eat so many!” Two hours later, the poor girl was screaming, “Help me, I’m gonna die, help my ass, this shit has got me feelin’ like a load of laundry in the spin cycle!” Anyway, she lived, but was high for a few days. So remember, never eat too much ganja. Keep the dose moderate, and never operate heavy machinery while under the influence…. Happy Halloween!

Chef Ra’s Ganjaween Grilled Apples in Dips

12 red apples sliced into 14 slices each
1 stick of butter or 1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 bag of caramel candies
1/8 of of fine ganja leaves
1 bar of chocolate
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/2 cup toasted almond
1 bag of bamboo skewers

Place the caramels, chocolate and peanut butter in 3 separate pots and heat until melted. Set the dips aside. Slide the apple slices on the bamboo skewers (four slices per stick). Place the butter or oil and ganja leaves in a double boiler and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Strain the leaves from the butter and set aside. Start a grill and add hickory wood to the fire. Place the skewered apples over fire. Brush the ganja butter over the apples. Make sure to tend them so they don’t burn! Cook the apples until somewhat soft. Then dip the skewers in the various sauces.

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