Forget Emergen-C, These New Vitamin Packets Have THC

Maybe it is finally safe to drink the Kool-Aid again, well, sort of.

Dixie Brands, Inc. is releasing a dissolvable effervescent mix made of hemp-derived cannabinoids, all-natural vitamins and terpenes.

Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Brands, said the powdered health drink mix, part of the company's Aceso product line, is available in three formulations, Soothe, Calm and Wellness.

“While the custom formulations take hemp-derived cannabinoids to an entirely new level, it is also the familiar, easy-to-drink delivery system that makes this such a unique product,” Keber said.

The “easy-to-drink delivery system” involves mixing the powder into a 4-to-6-ounce glass of water, just like any other fizzy vitamin.

Developed by a team of cannabinoid scientists, according to the Globe News Wire, Dixie Brands’ director of science, Jay Denniston, said the time has come to further develop the benefits of cannabinoid synergies.

“Current research indicates that whole-plant cannabinoids and the entourage effect will be the guiding principles of the next generation of quantitative and qualitative cannabis research,” he explained.  

And the packaging is apparently discreet—another plus in some states.

One of the advantages of effervescent dietary supplements is that they are thought to be more efficient and easier on the digestive track. According to Iceberg Labs, effervescent technology also provides 100 percent absorption due to the breakdown of large molecules into smaller, more easily digestible ones.

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