How Long Do Edibles Last?

Common weed wisdom dictates that you start low and go slow with edibles.
How Long Do Edibles Last?
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Newbies to ganja often bite off more than they can chew—literally. Many common rookie mistakes happen when novice cannabis consumers try their first edible. Some dive in without any thought to important questions like, how long does an edible high last? This behavior is reasonable, considering that today, there is a Willy Wonka-like diversity of edible products on the market. Look anywhere edibles are sold, and you’ll discover teas and chocolates, cakes and microwavable meals, lattes, and gummies. Home chefs are testing their chops from pot cooking shows on Netflix. And celebrity chefs toil over masterpieces made with marijuana, some offered up as spreads for gatherings like “Dankquets”. Edibles come in all shapes, sizes, and quantities of THC or CBD.

Their variability makes answering the question of “how long do edibles last?” easy. Every edible and every body is different. There is not an exact science for how long an edible high lasts. Nonetheless, there are some factors to help you determine the potency of your dank delectable and how long you’ll be riding the waves of the high it gives you.

Do Edibles Hit Harder Than Smoking?

Keep in mind when consuming your cannabis through ingestion that eating edibles differs considerably from smoking. Some contend that eating an edible feels like a stronger high than smoking. For someone unfamiliar with edibles, this is a crucial point to consider before mowing down a bag of THC gummies. Unlike smoking, which allows you to ingest your weed incrementally, an edible delivers a full smack of a high. This effect is because half of orally ingested THC gets converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a more powerful version of THC. When smoking or inhaling marijuana vapor, 11-hydroxy-THC does not form or get sent to your brain like it does when you eat  an edible.

So when trying out an edible high, approach it differently than smoking, since orally ingested THC is unique in its processing throughout the body, and in its effects. Even a seasoned smoker may feel the knock-out effects of a potent edible. And so even a frequent smoker should ask themselves, how long does an edible last for me? Before unwrapping that individually wrapped baked good, remember: just because you’re a smoker doesn’t mean you don’t have to concern yourself with the effects of an edible high. You should also consider: how long do edibles last?

Purchased Edibles: Look at the Label

A great facet of the wonderful world of legal and medical marijuana is that labels state the level of THC or CBD in a consumer product. Candies could be 5-30 milligrams of THC or CBD, or higher. Larger edibles can weigh in at even larger doses. These goodies come with warning labels to help consumers understand the high levels of THC or CBD and keep themselves under control. Reading the label for the amount will give you an idea of what is contained in the marijuana-laden morsel. However, remember that like homemade goodies, company-made edibles can still vary in amount from product to product. Their accuracy can be a little off because of the distribution of the THC or CBD throughout the batch. Nonetheless, the label provides an estimate that will help in determining “how long does an edible last?”

But remember that the amount of drug is not the only factor in determining the answer to “how long does an edible high last”. Another consideration is the body size of the consumer. A larger person may require a larger dose (additional helpings) in order to feel its effects. Remember to start small, and gradually introduce more into the system to feel in control of your high. Noting the approximate amount of the drug in the edible and the size of the person will help determine “how long does an edible last” in an individual’s body.

How Long Does an Edible High Last When You Make Your Own Batch From Scratch?

A factory-produced edible’s label gives an approximation of the amount of THC and CBD. When cooking with cannabis in your own kitchen, it can vary even more. Consider that distribution of THC in batter or liquid may be uneven across individual servings. Still, it is best to follow a calculated dosage when baking a batch of bud-infused treats. This dosage allows you to estimate how much each of your servings may contain, after some simple math. As with an edible manufactured by a company, enjoying smaller portions rather than eating all of it at once will help you control your high. This pace will allow you to get to the level you want to be at. Again, no exact science exists when asking the question, “How long do edibles last?” The guess and check method—or taking it one bite at a time—may be the best option.

Keep in mind that in order for homemade edibles to be effective, they need to undergo the process of decarboxylation. For a higher potency product, remember: longer times at lower temperatures work best when cooking cannabis. How well a homemade goodie is decarboxylated will change the answer to the question “how long does an edible last?” If it’s done well and for a lengthy time, the high will last longer.

Peaking Past the Point of No Return

Eating an edible is generally a situation rooted in the tried and true method of trial and error. Anyone, seasoned smoker or not, approaching a goody loaded with weed wonders: how long does an edible last? Finding out how a certain type of edible affects your body with your individual health, size, and tolerance relies on testing. This check will help you to see how certain amounts and types will affect you. There are no 100 percent effective means in determining the exact answer to the nagging question”how long does an edible high last?”

What this means is sometimes you may hit the point of no return when eating an edible. An edible high can feel overpowering and overwhelming, overtaking your body and your mind. But don’t panic. The answer to “How long does an edible last?” will never be: forever. There are ways to come down from a strong edible high.

Nonetheless, starting small if you’re new to edibles is advisable until you know the answer to, “How long do edibles last for me?” Starting at a recommended dose of 5mg of THC or CBD can help determine a baseline. After that’s defined, a consumer can add incrementally, finding the right edible high slowly and safely. Patience, and you’ll find the answer for your own body to the question, how long does an edible high last?

So How Long Does an Edible High Last?

When it comes to edibles, slow and steady works as the best method. Even if you’re an experienced smoker, don’t feel weak for starting out at a smaller dose. You can always graduate to heavier-hitting goodies. You may not know “how long do edibles last” in your body, so your body will thank you for your patience. Not to mention, you can discover the perfect edible high for you. With thousands of products on the market and the infinite ways you can jazz up your drinks or snacks with cannabis, a testing phase may need to happen for each different edible.

Tasting and testing your way through edibles may answer “how long do edibles last?” for you. And this type of high homework hardly seems like a problem for a person who loves cannabis. After all, who doesn’t want to test out the crazy flavors and concoctions available nowadays?

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