Introducing The New THC-Infused Mellow Ice Cream

Mellow Ice Cream gives their customers a sweet way to ingest their cannabis.
Introducing The New THC-Infused Mellow Ice Cream
Courtesy of Mellow Ice Cream

THC infusions of delicious, decadent treats are all the rage in the edibles market, and can be found in anything from cookies and gummies to sodas and seltzers. Now, Mellow Ice Cream is breaking into the world of legal cannabis by introducing THC ice cream to the California market. 

“Mellow’s mission is to innovate and create the absolute best quality and best tasting products, quickly leading the category in cannabis infused ice cream products,” their press release states regarding the new launch. “Mellow infuses the novelty and nostalgia of frozen desserts into a fun and indulgent new experience for a broad audience of customers.” 

The brand was started by Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez, two business partners with a painful history of cancer in their families. They both wanted to find a source of relief for those they saw suffering, and wanted cannabis to be fun for those who needed relief, not like medicine or a drug. They wanted it to be something that could cheer up and heal someone who is suffering.  

“Enrique and I had a few conversations about the cannabis industry, how we were both attracted to it, and we’d both been through family situations where someone was dealing with cancer,” says Bride. “The person in my family who’d passed away couldn’t smoke or ingest cannabis oils because of the nausea, so this was a product I truly wished was there when we needed it. It lit a spark under Enrique and me and we decided to make THC– and CBD-infused ice cream at the highest level.”

“We have a vision of eliminating the outdated and dismissive stigma of the ‘stoner’ and replacing it with a perspective that’s more urbane and mature,” adds Gonzalez. “Most of the social smokers that we know are business owners, high-achieving professionals, and executives. The antiquated notion of categorizing smokers as irresponsible, lazy, or dull-witted is being pushed aside because it truly doesn’t reflect the current culture of cannabis, and we think that’s a great thing.”

Flavors, Pre-Rolls, And Merch—Oh My!

Mellow Ice Cream has launched in three flavors so far, Mint Chocolate Chip, Himalayan Sea Salt and Caramel, and Tahitian Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup. In addition to ice cream, they are also rolling out pre-rolls and merchandise to get potential customers interested and supply people in the market who may want more of a traditional cannabis experience. For those excited about the ice cream, they’ve even driven around doing COVID-safe drop offs from a Tesla with a freezer in the back. 

It’s also extremely important to Bride and Gonzalez to be as compliant as possible and operate a legitimate business. They teamed up with legal experts, chemists, chefs, and food scientists to make sure their product is safe and tasty as well as a quality edible experience, and to enhance the flavor and texture as much as possible.  

 “To get around the red tape, a lot of people operate in the semi-legal zone,” says Gonzalez. “We intend to become a household brand, and we have no intention of shooting ourselves in the foot by breaking some law because we were ignorant of it.” 

It remains to be seen how much California will take to the new product line, but if the popularity of both THC and ice cream on their own is any indication, this is a product with a bright future. The company plans to announce new flavors soon and keep up with tastings, pop-ups, and roll-outs throughout the coming months. 

“The team at Mellow has put so much time, energy, and love into curating a suite of products that reflect our values and high standards,” adds Gonzalez. “We look forward to releasing them piece by piece and allowing our customers the opportunity to experience a little bit of our own perspectives through our products.”

  1. How are they getting around the refrigeration and dairy restrictions on edible products In the state of california?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. According to California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Division 1, Dairy of any kind with the exception of butter is prohibited.

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