Kiva Confections Launches Fast-Acting THC-Infused Gravy in Time for Thanksgiving

Cannabis science plus Thanksgiving dinner equals weed-infused gravy.
Kiva Confections Launches Fast-Acting THC-Infused Gravy in Time for Thanksgiving

With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, you’re probably getting bombarded with holiday-themed foods and drinks everywhere you look. But this year, there’s something completely unexpected in store for cannabis fans: THC-infused turkey gravy, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Kiva Announces New Thanksgiving-Themed Edible—THC-Infused Gravy

Cannabis company Kiva Confections today announced its newest weed-infused food product.

THC-infused gravy is part of a new line of holiday-themed products coming this year from the edibles company.

And according to Kiva, the new gravy is much more than just a Thanksgiving condiment. It’s reportedly the result of some clever cannabis engineering designed to produce a very unique high.

“Kiva’s fast-acting technology utilizes individually encapsulated molecules, which radically transforms the cannabinoids,” the company said in a statement.

“Not only are these encapsulated molecules isolated from other molecules they might interact with, they are also small enough to be absorbed directly into the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, one molecule at a time.”

This rapid absorption, the company claims, allows for a much faster-acting high. Typically, edibles are metabolized first through the liver before then passing into the bloodstream. This slightly more delayed route is why the effects of edibles usually take longer to set in than those from smoking or vaping.

As a result, regular edibles typically take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to produce noticeable effects. But Kiva says that, thanks to its products specialized molecular design, consumers will feel the effects of its new THC-infused gravy in as little as two to 15 minutes.

“The resulting experience is predictable, precisely dosed, and controllable, every time,” Kiva said.

Kiva’s special edition weed-infused turkey gravy will only be available in limited quantities. And for now, it will only be sold in select California dispensaries.

Each package of gravy contains 10 milligrams of THC. The product will be priced at $5 per package.

Kiva Confections Launches Fast-Acting THC-Infused Gravy in Time for Thanksgiving
Courtesy of Kiva Confections

Initiating a Full Holiday Lineup

If you’re into the idea of weed-infused gravy for Thanksgiving, then Kiva has more good news. The company said that the THC-infused gravy is just the first in a new line of products designed to coincide with the winter season and end of year holidays.

So far, the company has stated that it has plans to unveil a new cannabis-infused hot cocoa product. But beyond that, Kiva has not revealed what else will be in its winter-themed lineup.

At this point, the following statement is the only hint the company has dropped about what could be coming up: “This festive, cheeky moment is just a precursor to the milestone holiday products launching later this month and December.”

The World of Edibles is Rapidly Changing

THC-infused, holiday-themed foods are nothing new to the world of cannabis culture.

In fact, there is a longstanding and incredibly rich tradition of coming up with clever ways to infuse marijuana into virtually any imaginable food, dessert, or snack.

But today, the legal cannabis market is opening up seemingly endless new possibilities.

Now, anybody can get high from virtually any food they plan to eat—without having to cook or bake anything.

In fact, edibles are fast becoming one of the biggest segments in the legal cannabis space. According to stats released in April, the edibles market is now on pace to hit $4.1 billion by 2022.

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