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People Are Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Weed-Infused Chocolate

Candy is a staple for any holiday—and now people are celebrating Valentine’s Day with weed-infused chocolate.



2. Savor, by Whoopi and Maya

People Are Celebrating Valentine's Day With Weed-Infused Chocolate

Whoopi & Maya

Whoopi Goldberg teamed up with marijuana businesswoman Maya Elizabeth to create Savor, a chocolate spread filled with antioxidants.

Made from raw cacao beans and rich in nutrients, Savor is a delicious and nutritious edible option for the health-conscious cannabis lover. Savor is available with THC or CBD, so it can cure cramps and reduce inflammation, all while getting you high.

Savor is a fan favorite because of its versatility: spread it on toast, make hot chocolate, or dive in with a spoon.

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