Satisfy Your Munchies This 420 With These Savory Picks

High Times rounded up the best 420 deals to help you find both weed-infused and non-infused snack situations.

Never underestimate the power of the munchies, especially on April 20, when we tend to consume a bit more herb than usual. So before you get high this Thursday, make sure you’re stocked up on munchies of your choosing. Fortunately High Times puts together 420 munchie deals each year, so we have you covered.

April 20 is the time of year that we both celebrate and advocate for cannabis. The munchies phenomenon is fun and timely during this time of year. Plus, you may need to scarf down a hearty meal to balance your high.

This year, the High Times running list of munchie deals—some cannabis-infused and some non-infused—includes: Fatburger x Kiva, Roy Choi x TSUMo Snacks, Smashburger, Jack in the Box, Genghis Grill, Jimmy Johns, Munchpak, Snow Days x Cann, and more.

Kiva x Fatburger THC-Infused Ketchup

Courtesy Fatburger

Kiva Confections, a leader in cannabis edibles, and the team behind the viral cannabis-infused gravy, and Fatburger, teamed up to celebrate 420 with the launch of a limited-edition Kiva x Fatburger THC-infused ketchup.

The first-of-its-kind Cannabis Ketchup runs for $5 and is available for a limited time that began on April 6 at participating Artist Tree and Sweet Flower Los Angeles locations. Kiva x Fatburger’s offering contains 10mg of THC per packet, a perfect “canndiment” to add to Fatburger built-to-order entrees ahead of 420. Providing an infused condiment that is regulated in dispensaries presents a few challenges.

“Of course there are always hurdles when pioneering a new product in an already highly regulated industry, nevermind the time spent in R&D to ensure this ketchup measures up to one of America’s favorite condiments!” Co-founder of Kiva Confections Kristi Palmer told High Times. “Kiva has been innovating in the edibles space since 2010 and we are well-versed in the do’s and don’ts of California’s regulatory system, both on the product innovation and go-to market sides. 

“Kiva will always take the high road, and this collaboration was no exception,” Palmer said. “We worked very closely with the Fatburger team, making sure our non-cannabis partner was aware of the regs and abided by them as well: other than developing the design language of this collab with us, our amazing partner has obviously never touched the product: this was all done within Kiva’s regular channels, from manufacturing to lab testing, to distribution to licensed retailers. We got to give kudos to our partner! They got in deep about cannabis compliance with us!”

Check out Kiva x Fatburger THC infused ketchup while supplies last.

TSUMo Snacks x Roy Choi

Courtesy TSUMo Snacks

World-renowned chef Roy Choi is bringing a new line of savory cannabis edibles to market with TSUMo Snacks, the cannabis-infused snack company you may recognize from last year’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Snazzle Os. 

Beginning on April 15 in California dispensaries, this deal offers two chef-driven savory snack flavors—Spaghetti & Meatballs and Spicy Cheesy Ramen—available in shareable bags infused with 100mg of THC. Roy’s Spicy Cheesy Ramen and Spaghetti & Meatballs are savory edibles for adults with taste—meant to be shared and enjoyed with others. 

“When we first approached Roy to partner on a new line of edibles, we wanted him to bring his authentic self to the process—a fusion-filled, flavorful snacking experience and a chef’s point of view to the product,” TSUMo Snacks CEO Caroline Yeh told High Times. “At TSUMo Snacks, we’re all about being bold, especially with new and unexpected flavor profiles that stretch beyond the imagination of what cannabis-infused snacks can look like and we knew Roy would be on the same wavelength.” 

Choi explained why a gourmet Spaghetti & Meatballs flower is a nostalgic twist on a crunchy snack that he thinks will work. “Spaghetti & Meatballs in a chip is just funny,” Roy Choi told High Times. “That’s why we did it. Then it became serious like can we actually pull this off. Then we pulled it off and it was funny again. We all laughed. and cried. from laughter. Spicy Cheesy Ramen is my PB&J.”

Jimmy John’s Munchie Crusher

Courtesy of Jimmy John’s

Sandwich maker Jimmy John’s is celebrating 420 again this year by rolling out a nationwide promo code and exclusive 420 sandwich called the Munchie Crusher, offering a discount, and getting help from Snoop Dogg’s personal blunt roller, Ranagade

The Munchie Crusher is made up of turkey, provolone, avocado spread, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickles, oregano-basil, and mayo. 

Jimmy John’s app users can satiate their munchies the week of 420 with the code FREESIDE when used alongside any sandwich purchase. For SoCal residents near Long Beach, California, they can visit the Jimmy John’s location at 421 W Broadway on 4/20 for a celebration that includes exclusive Jimmy John’s rolling papers, rolling demonstrations from “Roller to the Stars,” Ranagade, Snoop Dogg’s personal blunt roller.

Pro Tip: put your favorite flavor of chips on the sandwich to enhance your munch experience! This contains no cannabis.


Courtesy MunchPak

This is hands-down the best munchie pack if you like trying international candy and snacks from all around the world including the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, and more. MunchPak gives customers affordable snack boxes starting at $12.95. Unlike many other subscription box services, MunchPak doesn’t wait to ship, they simply ship your order the very next day after you’ve placed it (excluding weekends)! High Times tried it out and we got our box fast. 

Here is a brief rundown of just a handful of items you can find inside MunchPak April Subscription Box Snacks:

  • Pepsi Nama Cola (from Japan)
  • Fun Filled Roller Tutti Frutti Candy (from Spain)
  • Hardbite Wild Onion & Yogurt Chips (from Canada)
  • Dora Chocolate or Pistachio Croissant (from Italy)
  • Skittles Fruit Tea Flavors (from China) 

This contains no cannabis.

Smashburger’s 4 for $20

Courtesy Smashburger

Smashburger is offering four burgers for $20 (with some exemptions) so you can split this deal with friends! When you have the munchies there is nothing better than fresh, juicy patties, melted cheese, and the brand’s own Smash Sauce®. This deal will only last for one day, so you must go on Thursday.

Smashburger was launched in Denver, Colorado in 2007 but has since spread all over the U.S. and Canada. In fact, the company boasts an average of 20 new franchises per year at this rate. People love Smashburger because of their never frozen, 100% certified Angus beef hand-packed balls of meat that are smashed into burgers. They’re unbelievably mouthwatering. If you know, you know!

This deal is available on 420 only. $20 bundle is valid on four Classic Singles, with no protein substitutions or modifications. 

This deal is only available in-store. This contains no cannabis.

Jack in the Box’s Pineapple Express Family

Courtesy Jack in the Box

It’s that time of year again. Jack in the Box’s beloved Pineapple Express Shake ($4.20) is back just in time for the holiday. But this time, it’s rolling out with a series of new holiday items: introducing the new Pineapple Express Family. 

  • Pineapple Express Shake is back just in time for hot Jack summer! $4.20 shakes from 4/20 to 4/24.
  • Pineapple Express Red Bull Infusion is a refreshing & energizing iced beverage infused with pineapple and passion fruit flavors.
  • Pineapple Express Chicken Sandwich is a 100% all-white meat crispy chicken filet + Smokey Pineapple BBQ Sauce, fire roasted pineapple & hickory smoked bacon on a pineapple Hawaiian bun. *a limited time test item available at select Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas locations.

Fans can also snag $2 Pineapple Express air fresheners at Jack in the Box storefront locations. All proceeds going to the Jack Foundation.

This contains no cannabis.

Genghis Grill’s $4.20 Bowl

Courtesy Genghis Grill

Looking for a healthier snack, such as a delicious rice bowl? This year, Genghis Grill is giving its guests a new way to manage their munchies…and with a smokin’ good deal.

The original fresh bowl concept is offering $4.20 off all of their small and medium-sized bowls all day, thus encouraging fans with its one-day mantra to “PACK YOUR BOWLS” at Genghis Grill. The offer will be available online or in-store at all locations.

A special promotional code will be shared on Genghis Grill’s Instagram page, as well as with Genghis Rewards members in the leadup to the big day. In order to redeem the offer, guests must show the code in email, social post, and text message.

A big win for Genghis Grill fans, all Fried Rice Bowls, Chef Bowls, and Create-Your-Own Bowls will jointly be part of the promotion. The deal runs all day on 420 at all Genghis Grill locations.

This contains no cannabis.

CANN x Snow Days Collab

Courtesy Snow Days

Cann, the first low-dose, cannabis-infused social tonic is also getting in on the mix. If you’re a cannabis novice and not used to smoking powerful cannabis, Cann provides a perfect, sessionable companion for celebrating. This year, Cann partnered with Snow Days to bring cannabis novices and beginners alike the perfect bundle for this year’s holiday.

The munchies are bound to kick in, so this new bundle ensures you’ll have everything you need for a chill night in with friends—complete with healthier pizza bites and a cannabis-infused social tonic. In the high holiday spirit, Cann shoppers can save 20% by using code LIGHTLYBAKED on their bundle with Snow Days’ organic, grain-free pizza bites. 

Combine two of your favorite things by visiting the Cann website.

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