Snoop Dogg Drops Weed-Infused Savory Chips with TSUMo Snacks

Snazzle Os by Snoop Dogg and TSUMo Snacks will be available in California dispensaries.
Courtesy of TSUMo Snacks

With too many sweet infused edibles and not enough savory snacks to go around, Snoop Dogg launched his own spin on one of his favorite onion-flavored munchies, and people in California will get the first taste.

In collaboration with TSUMo Snacks, Snoop Dogg is launching Snazzle Os, a new line of cannabis-infused, onion-flavored O-shaped chips, to debut at Hall of Flowers and MedMen in California in early October 2022.

Snazzle Os arrive in two flavors, Onion and Spicy Onion, with generous flavor and 100mg of THC per bag—a decent dose worthy of the hip-hop icon’s endorsement.

Snazzle Os will initially drop at MedMen locations throughout California starting October 6 through October 20. Snazzle Os will launch statewide afterward at additional partner dispensaries across California.

“I’m excited to partner with TSUMo Snacks to bring some new snack options to the fans,” said Snoop Dogg. “There are plenty of sweet edibles out there, so when I created this product I wanted to put the Dogg twist on it, which is why I’m bringing the savory THC-infused crispy onion-flavored rings to my home state of California. You know that if I’m going to put my name on something, it’s guaranteed stamped Snoop D-O-Double-G fresh.”

Courtesy of TSUMo Snacks

Caroline Yeh, co-founder and CEO of TSUMo Snacks, has high hopes for the collaboration.

“There are a lot of reasons why this partnership is natural,” Yeh told High Times as she prepared for Hall of Flowers. “First of all, there’s Snoop and there’s cannabis. So that imakes is a very natural partnership, and with TSUMo Snacks specifically. Additionally, Snoop has already been investing and partnering with multiple food and snack brands.

“He’s got his wrap snacks, and he’s coming out with his Snoop cereal,” Yeh added, referring to Snoop Loopz, a family-run cereal company he launched with Master P. last August.

Yeh continued, “So he invested in food quite a bit. I think it’s a completely natural partnership to be entering back into the cannabis space with a snack brand like TSUMo.” The collaboration begins as TSUMo Snacks distribution is up 800% in the last 12 months since launch. TSUMo already releases diverse flavors in its traditional crunchy snack product line like Chili Limon or Salsa Verde.

TSUMo Snacks and “Uncle Snoop” will also release a limited-edition merchandise line, complete with things you can buy such as a tracksuit, gold chain, socks, and other tributes to California’s hip-hop culture.

You can also enter to win merch by following TSUMo Snacks’ Instagram handle @Tsumosnacks during key times throughout the year as new merch drops. At this year’s iteration of Hall of Flowers, taking place on October 5-6 in Santa Rosa, California, TSUMo Snacks will showcase a custom “snacking throne” signed by Snoop Dogg, which will be auctioned to benefit his Snoop’s Special Stars charity, the special needs division of the Snoop Youth Football League.

Courtesy of TSUMo Snacks

The auction will benefit inner-city special needs children and adults by giving them the opportunity to participate in football and cheerleading. The auction for the signed snacking throne, which is valued at $3,000, began on September 30 on RallyUp and will end on November 4.

According to the website, TSUMO Snacks supports organizations like Our Dream Our Academy, a workshop, mentorship, and resource group with a goal to support communities that are disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs: refugees, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community. TSUMo’s executive team also provides mentorship, career building, and networking events throughout the year.

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