THC-Infused Sriracha Has Arrived

THC-infused sriracha is shaking up the hot sauce game.
THC-Infused Sriracha Has Arrived
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Washington State-based cannabis company Fairwinds launched a THC-infused sriracha tincture in April—realizing the dreams of stoners nationwide.

Marijuana. Sriracha. ‘Nuff said.

The product, which isn’t officially affiliated with the popular Sriracha sauce brand, has taken off in recent months. It contains a variety of spices, including ingredients made in-house, and 100mg of THC per package.

“Bring the heat to a new high,” the label reads. “Crafted from an ancient and familiar recipe, we’ve packaged the heat, flavor and as much THC cannabis oil as we legally can into this bottle! Spice’n up your food, or for the daring, drop under your tongue and enjoy the ride.”

“Hot sauces just happen to be a perfect carrier for a cannabis oil—given that we can use some fatty base like avocado oil on there, a little bit of vinegar, a little bit of salt,” Steve Schechcerle, head of business development at Fairwinds, told High Times. “It was a match made in heaven for cannabis oil.”

The tincture is designed to be added to dishes like pho, ramen, or any other cuisines that could use some extra spice—with the added perk of getting you seriously stoned. You can also take up the company’s challenge of consuming the product sublingually if you dare. The product has been strongly embraced by cannabis consumers throughout the state, Schechcerle said: “The response was so much larger than we thought it would be. I wouldn’t say that it was shocking, but we were surprised how much of a response that we got, for sure.”

With the advent of state-level legalization, there’s been plenty of interest in marijuana-infused products, but sauces have stood out as especially attractive ventures for cannabis businesses. THC-infused ketchup, hot sauce, sriracha, and mustard products have taken the market by storm.

It makes sense that ingredients in cannabis have found a home in spicy food culture. As psychoactive cannabinoids like THC produce highs, certain spices like capsaicin—a main ingredient in hot peppers—are known to stimulate the production of feel-good neurotransmitters, like endorphins and dopamine, in the brain.

“The idea for sriracha came along really just from the recent hype around it,” Schechcerle said. “People happen to love the Sriracha hot sauce and we figured, why not? It’s a fantastic idea. We can do this in-house, we can blend our own peppers, we can make our own ingredients. Why not go for it?”

The THC-infused sriracha is vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and made with non-GMO ingredients.

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