A$AP TyY Shares His Best Weed Story. Yes, It Involves Rocky

Ty talks about the A$AP Mob, music, and Mary Jane.
A$AP TyY Shares His Best Weed Story. Yes, It Involves Rocky
Courtesy of A$AP TyY

In the current cultural zeitgeist that has long forgone rap collectives, groups like Brockhampton and A$AP Mob hold special regard in the hearts of many hip-hop fans. However, the collective lifestyle can come with downsides, one of them being talented members within these groups can be overshadowed by a few leading voices. For A$AP Mob, one of these talented members is A$AP TyY.

Combining gritty street lyrics with deliberate messaging, A$AP TyY has never been a stranger to controversy. For many, their first introduction to his music was through his breakout hit “Trump.” Aiming at one of the most divisive figures in America, TyY famously stated:

I had a dream that I robbed Donald Trump
Tied his ass, threw his ass in the trunk
Better have that vest when I hit you with that pump.

While this line conjures vivid images, its wide-reaching impact overshadows substantial achievements in TyY’s career. From leading the Bike Life subculture to multiple fashion ventures, A$AP TyY’s vision extends to almost every facet of pop culture. To gain insight into his schema, High Times reached out for a one-on-one with A$AP TyY.

Ty’s Love Of THC

TyY’s enjoyment of marijuana comes as no surprise to fans of the Mob. Just last year, A$AP Rocky celebrated 4/20 with the video debut of “Herojuana Blunts.” For TyY, cannabis entered his life around the same time he could receive a learner’s permit.

“First time I smoked weed I was 15, maybe 16. I was living in Harlem at the time. I wasn’t old enough to be smoking weed, so I was hiding it at first. The first time I really got high, and I remember I was trying to fight out of being high,” said TyY. With a smile, he added, “Then, as I got used to it, it was cool. Then I started to see people smoking that weren’t used to smoking, and I was like, ‘you gotta step your lung-game up!’”

This enjoyment of Mary Jane was not only for euphoria. TyY found something more profound in cannabis, first consuming recreationally with friends. THC’s influence on his career was not his primary concern. 

“Some people get lazy when they smoke, but I get more motivated to do things. I do a lot of things while I’m smoking. Like, I’m talking to you right now and smoking.”

Furthering this idea, he stated, “It kinda goes hand in hand. Sometimes the weed can set the tone and put me in different mindsets. Sometimes the weed can help me articulate my thoughts properly in a sentence. It helps me get my message across in my music so that I can relate my music to my fans.”

The Best Joint TyY Burned

Once the mid-interview usage of cannabis was established, we decided to hit him with the all-time classic question– what is the best joint you’ve ever had?

“I smoked the best weed in Cali; I can tell you that,” he said “But, I can’t remember the best one. The best person to smoke with is me – you take your turns, and you pass the blunt back to yourself.” 

When it comes to his method of consumption and strain of choice, TyY has just two rules.

“I’m smoking backwoods, and I will smoke heavy indica, the kind that would put normal people to sleep.” 

Plans To Launch A Cannabis Company? 

Given the explosion of artists, actors, and cultural icons entering into the cannabis industry, we were keen to learn if TyY has plans to join the wave. 

“Yeah, definitely, but that’s later down the road. I got some ideas that I’ll eventually get to,” he says — for TyY, perfecting the strain at the core of those ideas.

“It would be a long, strong, buzzy high that will make you feel sleepy. Don’t expect to have a good day with the weed I have, don’t expect to go and conquer everything you have to do. You would have to smoke it at night.”

Why’s that?

“If you smoke it during the day, it would fuck you up. It would be called “the fuck up,” trademark that right now.”

Burning Within The Mob

As the conversation went on, we had to ask about smoking with A$AP. Through this, some questions yielded more somber results. We asked who his dream person would be to burn with– the answer was Yams.

“If there were one person I could bring back and have a conversation with, I would choose ASAP Yams,” said TyY. “If I could smoke and have a vivid conversation with him, and we could just talk and chop it up, I would be content. He’s the one person that I wish I could do that with. After that, I’d maybe say Biggie Smalls and Tupac.” 

Within the Mob, TyY may have spearheaded the consumption of cannabis. Reflecting on a weed-induced adventure with A$AP Rocky, he said “I remember one time I went to his crib, probably like eight years ago, and I rolled up and passed him the blunt. He said no, he denied it. I couldn’t believe it, one year later he blew up and was this icon that smokes all this weed!”

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