Nine Authors Who Smoked Weed

To be honest, the authors who smoked weed probably outnumber the ones who didn’t. Here are some of our favorites.
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9. Susan Sontag

Nine Authors Who Smoked Weed
The Paris Review

The New York Review of Books named Susan Sontag one of the most influential critics of her generation. Today, Susan Sontag is best known for her thoughts on photography, art, life and coverage of the Vietnam war. She’s also one of the most well-known authors who smoked weed.

In addition to her contentious articles and essays, Sontag supported weed when it was at its most controversial. In her 1973 interview with High Times, Sontag explains, “I think a society which is addicted to a very destructive and unhealthy drug – namely alcohol – certainly has no right to […] censor the use of a drug which is much less harmful.”

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