Exclusive High Times Video Drop: Chris Webby—Pipe Down (feat. ANoyd)

Chris Webby’s latest has officially dropped!
Exclusive High Times Video Drop: Chris Webby—Pipe Down (feat. ANoyd)
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Chris Webby is one of the most prolific rappers nowadays, dropping a new track every Wednesday. While 90 percent of these songs mention cannabis at some point, roughly 30 percent of all of them are about weed.

If you don’t know Webby, check out this High Times interview from 2018, where we wrote: “In a world where the hip-hop arena is dominated by trappers and mumble rappers with tattoos on their faces and little substance to their lyrics, Webby’s well-rounded bars shine like a beacon in the dark.”

At the time, he told us one of the coolest things about marijuana is “it brings cool people together. Through my life I’ve met some of the most incredible people through just smoking a joint.”

A Long History With ‘Bong Hits’

Although Webby’s been releasing popular cannabis-related songs for more than a decade now, his first big herb-related hit came out in 2016. Sativa, a collaboration with B-Real of Cypress Hill, Demrick & Zacari, started with lyrics that would get any pot lover excited:

This shit is sublime,
Hit it and lift up your mind,
The most specific of kinds.
Particular strains I’m smoking during daytime,
Got me feeling high and energetic at the same damn time.

Then, in 2017, Webby dropped another weed-themed gem: Twist Again, an updated version of his mid-2000s weed anthem La La La. In it, he justifiably claimed he’d “been on that La La La since ’08 / Combine strains and taste / Lebron james of vaping…”

But it was, again, his prowess with words that drove fans crazy.

The best hit my chest and I take the whole rip
Fuck a 20 bag I’ll take the whole zip
Even if the federal government oppose it
I say fuck it and grab another nugget and puff it in public
Weed naps on my back like a Snorlax
Highest alien bouncing off of the ceiling
I need it up in my system the minute that I record that
Loud pack in a wall rat

‘Pipe Down’

About two months ago, Webby got together with his frequent collaborator and CT brother ANoyd to drop a new cannabis-themed track: Pipe Down.

Smoking that shit that be curing patients,
Tuning out any person hating with the hustle, focus, and determination
Of a Gary Vaynerchuk, and my fans are up, and they at the show, and they hands are up
Untamed animal, got no handler
They can’t see me, I call them Sand-a-ra.

Today, High Times has the honor of dropping the video for this awesome song for cannabis lovers. Shot and directed by ROOK during the Canadian portion of Webby’s Raw Thoughts Tour (to keep everything above board), and produced by JPONTHETRACK and Nox Beatz, the oneiric video features Webby and ANoyd smoking huge joints while touring Canada and performing.

“Shooting music videos while on tour is always a very on-the-fly process,” Webby told High Times. “You kinda just find random locations and say ‘hey this would be a dope shot, grab the camera.’ That main shot with the lit up ceiling was a venue in Nelson, BC. Before soundcheck we got showered up and got the shot. I was extremely hungover and sleep-deprived but we made it happen.”

Webby went on to disclose that the scene with the giant joint was actually shot in Washington state, right before crossing the border into Canada.

“We knew we couldn’t take the weed with us so we got the shot, smoked as much as we could, and left the gigantic roach next to a tree. Hopefully someone stumbled upon it and enjoyed what was left,” he said during an exclusive conversation.

Some winks for his fans include his classic Jameson bottle, and, of course, his numerous mentions of what he calls real rappers: Eminem, Triggaman and Killa Cam (Cam’ron).

ANoyd, another English-language virtuoso, drops his own goods as well:

I think I’m in the mood for a peanut butter jelly
With a corner cut knife and a tight mouth
Puttin’ marijuana in a iCloud
I smell it like The Rock with the eyebrow

Talking exclusively with High Times, ANoyd said Pipe Down was a song that was easy to translate into video language. “It was such a smooth hip-hop vibe… We just had to capture that nostalgic feel visually. The video was shot in a bunch of random places throughout Canada,” he said commending ROOK for his ability to shoot on the fly.

“When Webb sent me the record, I started writing to it right away. Every record we have done together has been a vibe,” ANoyd concluded.

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