#TBT: Tommy Chong Through the Years, As Told by High Times’ Covers

If High Times was baseball, superstar stoner legend Tommy Chong would be our Babe Ruth. He’s appeared on our cover a whopping eight times! On three of those covers he appeared alone, during the years when Cheech & Chong were broken up. Cheech comes next, obviously. He appeared five times with Tommy, making him High Times’ all-time, cover-model runner-up. Then come Bob Marley and Willie Nelson who’ve made the cover four times. Snoop Dogg has three under his belt, the same as the late, great Jack Herer.

Tommy has also made Dancing with the Stars, the ABC-TV celebrity dance contest show, a whole lot more watchable. He’s a competitor!  His DWTS intro was classic stuff; Cheech chauffeured Tommy to the stage in a vintage Up In Smoke low-rider.

Based on their debut, Tommy and partner Peta Murgatroyd could definitely end up winning. The show’s judges loved them. But Tommy needs our help! Start watching and cast your vote for Tommy and Peta weekly! Here’s a look back at Tommy’s eight covers!

On their first cover (April 1980) we asked the question: “Will success spoli Cheech and Chong?” as they posed reading Fortune and Money magazines.

A year later, a feature on camoulflaging your plants found Cheech & Chong hiding in a garden from a gun-toting grower. (March 1981)

Tommy appeared solo on the June 1989 cover holding a bud, accompanied by his signature tagline: “Far out, man!”

Armed with a camera and buds (Sept. 1998),Tommy provided his travel tips to the stoner world.

High Times named Tommy its Freedom Fighter of the Year (July 2000). He posed with a bud and played it like a fife.

When we held our second High Times Stony Awards, we honored the cinematic legacy of Up in Smoke. (July 2001)

The momentous reunion of Cheech & Chong made this cover (Nov. 2008) the best-seller of the year.

The boys were busy in the kitchen for the June 2012 cover.

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