The Ganja-Fueled Simpsons Storyline You Never Knew About

Describing a Twitter novel as bizarre is nearly akin to calling Cheech and Chong stoned — of course it’s bizarre! Nonetheless, if you caught wind of the alternate reality of @Homer_Marijuana‘s “Marijuana Simpson” saga, you surely were left scratching your head and instantly wanting to be more high in order to understand the logic involved. Homer is a stoner, Bart is sent to Iraq, and there’s a fourth Simpson child named Kevin? Moreover, everyone from former President Bush to current Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu and Sonic the Hedgehog make appearances interacting with the Simpson family. Intrigued yet? Here are a few gems to get you started:

To read the full script, click here: “Marijuana Simpson”

To read the full story as a Twitter novel, click here: @Homer_Marijuana

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