The Stoned Gamer: Max, The Curse of Brotherhood

There are some words that are quick to grab our attention, and one of those words is free. I love getting free stuff, simply because then there’s more money for weed. I’m sure most stoners agree with me, so when a service that you already pay for gives you freebies, almost nothing feels better. Xbox Live has finally figured this out and now you get access to two free games a month with your paid gold subscription to their online service.

The selection of free downloads varies, exposing players to games they might not necessarily play. This month’s freebies were Halo Spartan and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Halo was an easy choice, but I wouldn’t usually consider a game like Max, assuming it was for kids.  I needed a break from shooting things so I decided to give it whirl, and I’m so glad I did!

The story behind the game is a bit twisted. You play as Max, a typical boy who becomes annoyed by his little brother and wishes he was taken away. In an instant, Mustachio, the evil villain, swoops the little brother through a portal. Max follows through, taking him to a strange world. This kid definitely takes a beating as you make your way to Mustachio’s tower.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a side scrolling, puzzle adventure game where your pen is your sword. Well, it’s actually a marker and it’s not really used as a sword. You use the marker to create multiple items and forces of nature to aid you in your quest. Branches, vines, and water streams are just some of the tools used to manipulate your way to the end of each level.

Like all great games, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is filled with secrets and hidden items to be found for extra achievement points. I must say I was so hooked on this game, I actually spent the time to find every evil eye and piece of pendent available. This paid off big time! I scored an extra 150 achievement points for finding them all. I also love that the achievement was called The Completionist, my favorite term for gamers like myself who are treasure hunters.

All in all, this game is perfect for the stoned gamer. The story is funny, the graphics are insane, the puzzles were challenging, and it was free! I’m sold. Smoke up and play!

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was developed by Press Play and was published by Microsoft Studios. The game is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

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