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The Stoned Gamer: Murdered, Soul Suspect

I was up late one night this week, toking bowls and enjoying my munchies when I decided to dig through the online store and buy a new game. A few of our readers had suggested I check out Murdered Soul Suspect from Square Enix.

Initially, I thought the game was a third-person shooter, but I was completely off. In fact, this game barely involves any kind of combat. Murdered Soul Suspect is an awesome detective game where the goal is to solve your own murder!

You play as Ronan, a tattooed Salem P.D. detective with a checkered past. Your wife Julia was murdered a few years ago and Rex, your brother-in-law and fellow Salem P.D. cop, is your only family left.

The game begins with a flash of you falling out of a window after being pushed by a hooded man. As your soul leaves your body, your character watches everything happen before his eyes. Because you are dead, you can see other ghosts. Your strengths in life become your powers — some common and some unique.

Ronan is trapped between worlds because he has to figure out who killed him in order to escape. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the story is focused on the old witch trials. A serial killer, the Bell Killer, is terrorizing the city and you must discover the killer’s identity.

As you investigate the crime scene, you gather clues as well as test some of your paranormal powers. You can possess people and often have the choice of either influencing them, eavesdrop on a conversation, peak at something they have or read their mind.

As you play, you encounter different ghosts. Some are friendly and helpful, while others send you on quests to answer questions about their deaths. Your most helpful counterpart is Joy, a young girl with psychic abilities who is searching for her missing mother.

The story behind the game is quite creative. I really enjoy detective games, and this is one of the most detailed games I’ve played in a while. It requires you to listen and pay attention to facts. Murdered Soul Suspect was so addicting, I basically sat on my couch, bong within reach, for two days. It’s the best detective game I’ve played since Rockstar Games LA Noire. I really wish more developers would make games like this!

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