Weed+Grub at the High Times Cannabis Cup

The creative minds behind the popular podcast Weed+Grub came to hang with us at the SoCal Cannabis Cup!
Weed+Grub at the High Times Cannabis Cup
Mary Jane Gibson and Mike Glazer of Weed+Grub

Like the biggest farmers’ market in the world, the Cannabis Cup has something for everyone. Podcasters Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson a.k.a. Weed+Grub took the trip to San Bernardino to check it out.

On a cool and breezy Saturday morning at the recent High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, Weed+Grub rolled up to the Will Call window: “Hi, we’re Mike and Mary Jane!” A smiling gal handed us each a bright purple all-access pass with a taco on it. An all-access Taco Necklace? Things were off to an excellent start.


Mike puffed on a delicious live resin vape cartridge (Strawberry Lemonade, mmm) while Mary Jane chose a mellow half-gram preroll to start out the day with. We wandered around to get the lay of the land, and, more importantly, get snacks. Food vendors were busily feeding hungry stoners. Mary Jane opted for chicken tenders and fries, while Mike went with the cost-beneficial option of eating most of Mary Jane’s fries.


As we strolled through the Cup fairgrounds, weed vendors were fluffing buds, shining trophies and spinning prize wheels for giveaways. And happy Cup attendees were pulling out their best nugs, sitting down at picnic tables to roll and share joints with fellow cannasseurs. It was a great vibe.

One nifty product that immediately caught our attention as we wandered through the weed market was the Qubus. The brainchild of friends who met as engineering students, Qubus is a heavy-duty grinder, and an amazing statement piece. The innovative design includes a removable basket, a magnet-lock system and layers that you can mix and match for a custom color combo. This thing will look good on your coffee table.

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We dropped by the Team Elite Genetics booth to sniff jars of frosty flower and admire their collection of shining Cannabis Cups—which they added to the very next day at the awards show, taking home another bunch of wins for finest flower and best concentrates. Hell yes Elite—congratulations! We wanna come hang out with you guys! DM us anytime.

It wouldn’t be a top cannabis event without one of the top dogs in the game representing: Moxie. We tried the new Dart pen, with its proprietary pod. Weed tech is tight. And Moxie has all the best flavors, from Strawberry Limeade to Blood Orange to Sour Apple Haze. Don’t they sound like the most delicious slurpees of all time?


After visiting Super VIP and helping ourselves to CBD-infused cold brew from Buddha Beans Coffee, we got to judge a joint rolling competition along with High Times senior cultivation editor Danny Danko. Shout out to the winner Martin, who rolled the perfect fatty to beat out some pretty stiff competition—we smoked it with him as the clock hit 4:20!


Afterwards, Danko sat down with us to chat about what the Cannabis Cup means to him. He recalled his perfect smoking moment, when he sat down in a coffeeshop to smoke his first legal joint back in the ‘90s, before cannabis was legal anywhere in the US:

“I had like a real kind of genuine epiphany… I was sitting in a coffeeshop. I had just bought some weed, and it was morning. And I looked out the window and people are going by on their bicycles, and I looked across at the other tables and people were from all different countries, and there was a girl rolling her own spliff and reading the paper with a cup of coffee, and it all just felt so civilized and normal and special. And all these emotions flooded over me, and I genuinely had the feeling of, this is how it can be back home.”

“I love cannabis so much, and I just knew how much was wrong with the way we were treating it here [in the USA] and in so many other places. And then to be, to be in a place like [Amsterdam] and feel that way, and just know that it’s possible. It’s truly an honor to have been to any small part of that change, you know? And it still needs to keep going—a long way.”


Gave us chills, for real. Danko’s passion for the plant, awesome weed knowledge and his great sense of humor make him the most fun hang ever. After wiping our misty eyes, we headed over to the main stage with Danko, where we jumped up and down with Girl Talk in celebration of life, the leaf, and everything good.

We’re grateful to know so many wonderful people in the weed world, and we love doing what we do best—smoking, snacking, and cracking up. It was a fantastic weekend, and we look forward to many more. Thanks High Times!

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