High Times at Grass Lands

High Times is coming to Outside Lands in San Francisco! Don’t miss our first-ever in-festival dispensary experience, the Farmers’ Market at Grass Lands!
Grass Lands
Courtesy of Outside Lands

*Disclaimer: This is obviously a promoted post. High Times is a participant in Outsidelands 2022*

For the first time ever, High Times is coming to Outside Lands in San Francisco! Hosting the Grass Lands Farmers’ Market, aka the dispensary village INSIDE the festival grounds, this marks the first time the brand has brought its new retail model into a live event experience, and we couldn’t be more excited to party with you all!

Outside Lands

In case you aren’t hip, Outside Lands is the three day music and culture festival in San Francisco, thrown by Superfly, the mad scientists behind Bonnaroo, and it’s taking place this weekend. Featuring world-class talent like Post Malone, Green Day, Sza and countless more, the event also has various age-gated areas to imbibe, like Beerlands, Winelands, and our favorite, Grass Lands. It truly is an adult wonderland. If you can make it, tickets are still available here.

Courtesy of Outside Lands

Grass Lands

Now, while there will be several activations taking place across the Grass Lands footprint, High Times will be powering the central Farmers’ Market, and we’re bringing a taste of our new stores directly to you. From High Times’ own Red & Black label products to keep you elevated, to Pabst Blue Ribbon’s High Seltzer & Cann to keep you hydrated, we’re excited to share our stash with you all!

High Times will also be powering the mobile order pickup, so if you’re the type who likes to skip lines, no sweat, we’ve got you covered! You can order ahead from within the official Outsidelands app! Just navigate to the main menu in the upper left corner, tap Grass Lands (6th option), then mobile ordering in the bottom right corner, and we’ll get you sorted!

What a time to be alive, man!

What to see?

Besides obviously taking advantage of the fact that you can now buy weed legally inside festivals, there’s a ton of cool stuff happening at the event to get into. While there’s sure to be a ton of yet-to-be-seen art & activations to trip out on, below is a selection of my personal agenda for the fest:

*Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is within complaint daily purchase limits – don’t sue me!*


  • Kicking things off in the SOMA Tent at 12:45. Will be posted in the tent across two sets (Major League Djz & AMEME) so rocking some of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s High Seltzer to gently get the day started, and keep me hydrated. I’ve got to hit turntable legend Craze at 4 in the House by Heineken… I hope they let me in even though I’ll clearly be stoned.
  • Oliver Tree’s playing the Lands End stage at 5:30, and I can’t miss that. I’ll bring some of the brand’s new Black Label prerolls to really get into the vibes. After that’s Lil Uzi, and I’ll want to have a solid buzz on for that show.
  • Finally, I’m hitting Disclosure’s set at Sutro to close out the night. I know there’s a new state of emergency and all that, but there’s no way I’m not in the crowd for this one. I’ll be rocking Halara’s Zkooby Znakz cart so I don’t have to worry about relighting, or first-time-lighting someone else on fire.
Courtesy of Outside Lands


  • As I’m sure I’ll be sleep deprived by this point, I’m going to go relive my youth and start the day out with a good cry at the Emo Night Tour’s set. Taking place at the Panhandle at 1:30, I’ll bring the Smokiez fruit chews with me, in case I need to eat my feelings.
  • Pop in to check out both Larry June (at Twin Peaks at 5:30) and Jack Harlow (Lands End at 6:40)
  • Finally I’m going to get comfortable at Sutro with some Heavy Hitters Diamond Prerolls to check out Parcels, and hang out there into Polo & Pan. I’m bringing some of Cann’s Blood Orange Hi-Boys for that one, because I feel like that’s what those guys would drink if they were watching themselves. It feels appropriate.


  • I anticipate this will be a slow morning, but I’m jumping right into Sunday with Pussy Riot at the Panhandle. Hitting the stage at 4:10 I’m going to bring a multipack of the new Black Label joints because I’m definitely going to make friends in this crowd.
  • I can’t get TOO crazy there, because I’m the MOST excited about getting weird over at 100 Gecs set. Starting at 4:55 at Twin Peaks, I’m blasting the f off for these guys. I’ll have some of Jetpack’s FJ1 infused jawns to make sure everything they’re doing makes perfect sense to me.
  • Finally, in one of the most unexpected back to back set lineups of my entire life, I’m hanging out at Lands End from Weezer through Post Malone. Since I’m reliving my punk rock roots, into whatever the heck Posty is, I’m going to bring some of Heavy Hitter’s HVY Mules, as what better time for a mocktail than a rock show?

Past that, if it’s not on the above schedule I’ll be posted in the smoking section – as per usual. Come hang with us at the Farmer’s Market, and smoke a joint (or yell at, if you like) our Editor-in-Chief Ellen & I!

See you at the show!

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