11 Gifts For The Expert Pot Grower Who Seems To Have Everything

Everyone has that one friend who always has all of the newest gadgets as soon as they come out, and ganja growers are no exception. Successful pot farmers tend to have money to burn and love spending it, especially if it makes their tough job easier.

For them, we’ve compiled this list of high-end, pricier products for the discerning cultivator.

1. SmartBee Controllers – Prices Vary


Growers need to monitor and control many different aspects of their cultivation environment in order to harvest successfully over and over. The customizable SmartBee Controller system consists of wireless and modular units that ensure accurate readings of CO2, air circulation, temperature, lighting, humidity and irrigation levels, all reported in real time to an app for your phone or tablet.


2. EZ Squeeze Pneumatic Rosin Press – $1290.00 plus shipping (code EZ123 gets you 100$ off)


Pressing buds for solvent-less rosin is becoming popular, but the key to a good yield is consistency in heat, time and pressure. Say goodbye to hair straighteners and step up to the EZ Squeeze Pneumatic Rosin Press. The dual digitally-controlled heat plates provide up to 3000 pounds of force. The EZ Squeeze requires a 150 PSI air compressor and has a 90-day limited warranty.


3. Futurola Knockbox – $3500


Most rolling machines inefficiently produce one single lousy joint at a time. Not the Futurola Knockbox, a unique unit that can load up to 100 tight cones in just two minutes. So if you need a bunch of rolled jays in a hurry, look no further than the kings of rolling technology and let Futurola guide you to the promised land in style (and with a bunch of pre-rolls).


4. Gavita Pro 270 LEP SUP Lighting System – $999


Light Emitting Plasma systems are the next level of indoor growing technology and truly mimic bringing the sun indoors. When you supplement your Gavita DE with the new 41.01 LEP, you get a full spectrum that’s powerful and brings out the best in your genetics, triggering more trichome, terpene and flavonoid production. Suitable for damp environments and with no moving parts, as well as a seven-year lifetime before having to change the lamp, these could be the last grow lights you ever buy.


5. Triminator Dry and Mini Dry – $4999.00 Dry; $2799.00, Mini Dry


Dry trimming protects the aroma and essential oils of your crop. Two new dry trimmers have impressed us with their effectiveness and ease-of-use. The Triminator Dry is light and mobile with wheels that simplify moving it around. Both units are lubricant-free with no metal-on-metal contact and trim between two – five pounds per hour gently and precisely. They’re also easy to load and unload as well as to clean. The Triminator Mini Dry has all the same features in a smaller more portable size (without the wheels).


6. Gnail – $300.00


Using a torch to heat your nail is an imprecise way to reach the proper temperature for the most flavorful hits. That’s why we love the affordable new Gnail from Emotek, home of extract artist GiddyUp. The coil heats to the exact temperature you desire, with a dual power switch, digital LCD display, 5ft power cord, 4ft coil and USB port for charging your portable devices.


7. Big Buddha Box – $3995 without tent, $5395 with tent


Vertical growing is all the rage for indoor farmers who wish to magnify their yield per square foot of floor space. The Big Buddha Box from Supercloset significantly raises the amount you can harvest each run by placing plants on separate tiers from the top to the bottom of the space, growing inwardly towards the vertical light sources. Turn one 8’ x 8’ space into the equivalent of four similar sized growrooms in this compact 48-plant system. Two SuperCool Dimmable Lumatek 600-watt HPS growlights in the center illuminate the box for what they call “Verticalponics.” You can literally quadruple your bud bounty using this innovative system that’s proudly made in California and comes with a 3-year warranty.


8. The Under Current Recirculating Water Culture System from Current Culture H20 – Prices Vary


Hydroponic growers have been buzzing about these versatile and futuristic DWC (Deep Water Culture) buckets. Using state of the art peripheral negative pressure, they produce and recirculate nutrient solution with a very high rate of dissolved oxygen, resulting in absolutely explosive root and plant growth. They’re made with care in California using commercial-grade materials, and their parts will last through many harvests. Wisely, they’ve located the pump outside of the reservoir to reduce water temperature.

Many different options allow you to customize these units to fit almost any sized room or application. Their customer support team and easy-to-understand website can easily help you figure out which system is right for you.


9. Tamisium Butane Oil Chemical Extractor TE3000 – $24,495


If you’re going to make butane hash oil (or BHO), you’ve got to do it right. Amateur extraction methods tend to result in tragedy for the producer and potential consumer. The TE300 Kilo unit from Tamisium Extractors holds up to a kilo of starting material and uses a closed loop system to collect your concentrates. This low-pressure, low-temperature extraction process truly captures the essential oils within cannabis, some that can be volatile and lost through other processes.

For expert chemists only, this pricey piece of lab-grade stainless steel equipment extracts and purges the oil from over two pounds of leaf, trim or preferably buds in 4-8 hours. Always remember to safely purge the units when necessary. Cheaper, smaller units are available.


10. Across International Elite Series Drying Oven – Starting at $2990


Across International went back to the drawing boards to make a better vacuum oven from the ground up. The newly re-designed Elite Series has one of the top, if not the best, temperature uniformity in the market. At just 3 percent uniformity, you’d be hard pressed to find a thermometer that could even pick up any differences. Put this in line with a good vacuum oven and a cold trap to consistently generate the best product your starting material allows you to.


11. APE 2.0 Hashish Extraction Tumbler (Agricultural Pollen Extractor) – $499.99


You can’t get closer to pure THC than kif—those super-potent particles comprising the stuff that gets us high. What’s more, these crystals coat not only the buds you smoke but the smaller leaves that you trim from harvested cones. The Agricultural Pollen Extractor, or APE, came on the market in 2009, and this year, DAC Solutions tweaked their already efficient design to offer the best kif tumbler available, backed up by a two-year warranty. The APE 2.0 works just like a laundry dryer, except imagine all your clothes were covered in trichomes, and at the end of the cycle you could clear the lint trap and make hashish. Bud and leaf trim are tumbled in a cylindrical drum of 180 to 200 micron mesh, which crystals of concentrated THC pass directly through. A new-and-improved octagonal-shaped cylinder increases agitation of plant materials, meaning more kif shakes loose for your hash. A polished aluminum and plexiglass case houses the tumbler, and kif collects on a tray of tempered glass for easy cleaning. Process up to 160 grams of pot at a time into tasty, naturally-extracted hashish.

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