2015 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup: Highest THC Strains

They don’t always coincide with the winners, but some strains and concentrates stand out amongst the other for having incredibly high THC. They don’t get a separate award, but recognition is due to the producers of the highest-testing products at the 2015 HIGH TIMES SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup. These are the flowers and concentrate entries that tested the highest for total THC.

Hybrid Flower: Blissful Wizzard by Incognigrow Farms with The Captains Connection 28.4% THC. 7th Place

Indica Flower: Lorax OG by Lorax Labs by CannaSutra Collective 25% THC. 2nd Place

Sativa Flower: OG Ghost Train Haze by A Greener Today with Goat Organics 22.9% THC. 17th Place

Non-Solvent Hash: Sour Diesel Solvent-less by Loud Seeds SL 68.8%. 31st Place

Sativa Concentrate: Heliojack Wax by Spliffin Group 85.8 % THC. 28th Place

Indica Concentrate: Kush Company OG Crumble extracted by Nature’s Lab 73.1% THC. 15th Place

Hybrid Concentrate: Granddaddy Purple x Trinity Fire shatter nug run by Big League Extracts in Collaboration with Errldiamond Co. 69.1% THC. 44th Place

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