2016 Medical Cannabis Cup: Top 5 Medically Infused Products

We had lots of awesome entries in the Medically Infused Products Category at the 2016 Medical Cannabis Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 5.

HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—CannaSafe Analytics in Murrieta, CA—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition, as well as our premier sponsors—Powered by Kush, Higher Vision, FlavRx, Atomik,Advanced Nutrients, Cali Connection, Downtown Patients Collective, NamelessMally EliteGreenwolf and New Amsterdam Naturals.

1 – Cookies & Cream Terp Slerpee from Exotic Genetix


2 – Cookies N’ Cream Dry Sift Pre-Rolls from Wizard Wands


3 – Atomik Diamond Special Edition from Atomik & Natures Labs


4 – Strawberry Banana Live Resin Pre-Rolls from A.H.H.S. West Hollywood w/Dabbalicious


5 – Atomik Diamond from Atomik


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