2017 STASH Awards

2017 STASH Awards
Using trays and humidor lids is a very effective method to ensure viable, rooted clones. (Photo by Nico Escondido)

Best Cal/Mag Additive:

Suite Leaf Nutrients
$10.99, 250 ml; $39.99, 1 gallon

2017 STASH Awards

Supplements of calcium and magnesium are essential for healthy plant growth and leaf production, while deficiencies of these two micronutrients account for many first-time growers’ issues. With a natural organic supply of these essential elements, Suite Leaf Nutrients’ Cal/Mag Maximizer improves chlorophyll production and results in healthier plants and heavier harvests. Used throughout every stage of the lifecycle, this additive will boost growth rates and protect your plants from debilitating setbacks that can negatively affect yields.

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