2017 STASH Awards

2017 STASH Awards
Using trays and humidor lids is a very effective method to ensure viable, rooted clones. (Photo by Nico Escondido)

Best LED Light:

The G8-600 Bloom Only Grow Light from DormGrow

2017 STASH Awards

As LED (light-emitting diode) technology for plant growing continues to evolve, DormGrow have been on the cutting edge of new high-performance lighting units. Their G8-600 Bloom Only Grow Light is formulated for the flowering cycle and covers a footprint of 20 square feet. This light is meant to replace a 600- or 1,000-watt high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp, but it generates far less heat and uses far less electricity, drawing only 380 watts of power on 3.3 amps—and it’s backed with a two-year warranty.

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