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21 Tips for Hydro Growers



Want to know what it takes to be a capable hydroponic grower? Heed these 21 important pointers from the one and only Danny Danko!


First rule of Hydro Club is don’t tell anybody about Hydro Club.

Keep water temperature no higher than 70 degrees and no lower than 60. Risk of root rot increases and oxygen is depleted at higher temps and cold temps can shock plants. You may need an aquarium heater or a reservoir chiller.

When growing hydro with organic nutrients, add beneficial microbes to your reservoir to help break down nutrients for easier root absorption.

Keep pH levels between 5.5 and 6.8 (depending on the strain) at all times. Once you know your strains preferred pH, dial it in and keep it as close as possible.

Use air pumps and airstones to oxygenate your nutrient solution at all times. Roots need access to fine bubbles of oxygen to thrive. 

Measure the amount of nutrient solution in reservoir with a TDS meter.

Plants growing hydroponically quickly deplete available CO2. Be sure to provide extra CO2 gas with a tank and regulator or a CO2 generator. Plants will thrive at 1500 ppm (parts-per-million).

Remember to foliar feed your plants with water or mild nutrient solution. This will help both feed them and rinse off dust or residue that hamper photosynthesis.

Maintain your humidity level between 40 and 60 percent. High humidity will encourage molds while low humidity can attract pests.

Cover your reservoir to prevent algae growth. Any wet surface exposed to light will encourage molds so maintain a light-tight environment anywhere your nutrient solution flows.

A reverse osmosis (RO) machine will soften hard water to reduce calcium and magnesium buildups and prevent hard water damage to leaves.

Air temperature should never go above 90 degrees. Keep it below 80 to promote and encourage growth.

Customize your measuring cups to correspond to the size of your reservoir.

When using “Flood and Drain” or “Ebb and Flow” systems, be sure the roots have enough time between feedings to prevent over-watering and constantly soggy mediums.

Never allow water pumps to draw air. Always keep reservoir levels above half-full to avoid salt buildup and wild pH fluctuations.

Completely drain and replace all nutrient solution in the reservoir at least every two weeks. You can dilute it and use on house plants or outdoor gardens.

Use a mild nutrient solution or plain pH balanced water for the last week of growth to flush roots and plant cells of excess salts. Your buds will burn smoother and taste better.

Keep all electrical equipment off the floor and mounted on the walls. If there’s a flood, this will save you from shorting out your equipment and from potential fire.

Store your nutrients in a cool dry place; Not your grow chamber. Heat and light negatively effect the quality of your fertilizer.

Never allow rockwool to dry out completely in a hydroponic system.

Never throw waste from your hydro room away with your regular trash. Bag it separately dispose of it discreetly.