3 Beginner Grow Tips of the Week | April 18, 2017

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Tuesday’s tips for beginner growers are brought to you by HIGH TIMES Cultivation Editor Nico Escondido. 

1. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) can be used to fight insects on plants. A solution of up to five percent H2O2 sufficiently scares pests off but is completely harmless to plants as a foliar spray.

2. Halfway through its life, a leaf’s photosynthesis starts to slow. It takes in less nourishment for itself and starts sending its nutrients and sugars to the young leaves, shoots and any place of shortage. It will continue to do so until it falls off the plant.

3. It is natural for a cannabis plant’s leaves to turn yellow towards the end of the flower cycle. This is due to a lack of nitrogen, which the plant needs less of during the end of its life cycle. Bigger, wilting, yellow fan leaves can be safely removed starting in week six of flower.

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