4 Hot Pot Products: August 2017

Photo by Justin Cannabis

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

1. Light My Fire


Searching for a lighter that can work under almost any conditions? Look no further than the Fuse Electric Lighter, an innovative and eco-friendly new combustion device in a durable zinc-alloy case that won’t allow wind, rain or lack of butane to interfere with your session. It’s chemical-free, electricity-powered, USB-rechargeable and won’t let you down. Use discount code HIGHTIMES for 10 percent off.

2. See It All


Every pot grower, budtender or connoisseur should have a proper tool for getting a closer look. We love the T-H-See Magnification Device, which is illuminated by one ultraviolet and two bright-white LED bulbs. With its 40x enhancement, you can determine not only quality, potency and when to harvest, but also identify pests and diseases quickly. Designed in Colorado, these units are customizable and built to last.

3. Green Destiny


Battery-operated smoking devices for the consumption of oil or wax are essential for dabbing on the go. The new TC PORT E-Nail from Greenlightvapes provides real-time temperature control with a digital display and allows you the choice of a titanium, ceramic, quartz or silicon-carbide nail. Simply fill the glass bubbler with water and enjoy hit after flavorful hit at a temperature that’s perfect for you.

4. Impressive Rosin


The process of pressing buds or hash into rosin is gaining popularity as a solvent-less alternative to butane-extracted concentrates. The new T-Rex 2 Rosin Press from Tarik Rosin features a fully automatic unit with no strenuous hand-pressing required. Simply adjust the settings to your specifications, and it presses flowers, dry-sieved kief or ice-water-extracted trichomes into delicious, dabbable rosin. Get $50 off with the promo code Hightimes.

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