4 Must-Have Items for Cannabis Cultivators and Connoisseurs

Photo by Vortex Farmacy

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

1. Vaping Away


Vape pens tend to start off working great but deteriorate quickly. The sleek and stylish Aurora Vape Pen from Dr. Dabber stands the test of time. It has magnetic connections for the battery and ceramic mouthpiece to avoid clogged and sticky threads, and the quartz-on-quartz atomizer with dual titanium coils offers three heat settings for dialing in the low temps and bringing out the terps.

2. Photo Finish


Pot photographers deal with growroom lighting by using white balancing and Photoshop to remove the yellow-orange glow of high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs. But now they can simply attach the new HPS Rendition Camera Photo Filter from Method Seven, a glass filter encased in anodized aluminum and compatible with any camera fitted with a Cokin “P” Series holder. With this tool, anyone can take perfect photos despite the harsh light.

3. Advanced LEDs
$972, Town; $1,699, City


Grow lamps using LEDs (light-emitting diodes) save on electricity and reduce heat levels substantially versus high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Now Lifted Labs provides two LED models for growers interested in joining the revolution: The Town replaces a 600-watt HID light, and the City replaces a 1,000-watt one. Lifted LEDs come with an injection-molded custom optical lens to increase canopy penetration; they also have a USB port, and you can control the spectrum remotely via their app!

4. Oxygen Power
$57.99 per quart


Experienced growers know the importance of dissolved oxygen for achieving explosive growth rates. The new, first-of-its-kind D.O. Dissolved Oxygen plant additive is a concentrated, non-peroxide liquid form of O2 that’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and pet-safe. You can use it as a foliar feed, or add it directly to your reservoir or nutrient-solution soil drench for a huge boost in essential-oil production. It even shortens the rooting times of clones!

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