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8 Highest Terpene Concentrates of the 2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup

Sirius J



Check out the concentrate entries that tested the highest for terpene content at the HIGH TIMES 2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup.

Some of the best cannabis extracts around give thanks to their rich and diverse terpene profile (Read: What Makes an OG Strain an OG?). Live resins were popular among the winners this cup, and scored pretty high in terpene content.

Terpenes can affect the consistency of an extract; shatters, waxes, saps and live resins differ mainly by their terpenoid profiles due to their different extraction and processing methods. Making live resin involves using fresh, frozen cannabis that hasn’t lost any terpenes to evaporation. CO2 extracts (which aren’t present in this list) can have higher than normal terpene content from re-enrichment (Read: What is CO2 Oil?).

In this graph you can see the total terpenoid content of all the 2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup entries.

Here are which ones made it to the top!

Lemon Tangie by AHHS WeHo/ Alternative Herbal Health Services: 7.88 % terpenoids by mass.


CBDee's #1B Live Plant Run by Pure West Compassion Club and LightSky Farms: 6.106 % terpenoids by mass.


Goji OG Sharpie Pheno Dewaxed Nug Run by Camp Concentrate in collaboration with The Resin Factory: 5.05 % terpenoids by mass.


Crown OG by Moxie Gentics with ADA East: 4.98 % terpenoids by mass.


Moxie 22 by the Calie Connection Seed Co: 4.57 % terpenoids by mass.

Hells Fire Live Resin by Crockett Family Farms: 4.55 % terpenoids by mass.


Feygo Red Pop Live Resin by 710 Savant: 4.47 % terpenoids by mass.


Strawberry Banana by Loud Pack Extracts Oregon with Moxie Mix: 4.24 % terpenoids by mass.