After the Squeezing Is Done: What to Do with Your Spent Buds

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Regular readers of the High Times Dab Report likely already know about squeezing buds to make rosin—perhaps you currently practice this technique yourself. The uninitiated should check for details on the rosin technique, but the gist is that you apply heat and pressure to weed and hash oozes out. It’s a safe and easy way for anyone with cannabis and a hair iron to make some tasty dabs.

More weed is now getting pressed into hash than you can imagine; commercial operations alone are pressing thousands of pounds of cannabis into rosin dabs every year, plus home users are increasingly experimenting with this method. But what happens to all that pot after it’s been pressed? Are you guys just throwing it away? We hope not.

Here are a few options for what to do with your rosin waste after the squeezing is done.

Make Edibles or Topicals

The process of making rosin hash doesn’t remove all the THC from your buds. It does, however, decarboxylate the cannabis you’re squeezing. That makes it perfect for creating edibles and topicals, which require decarbed weed. Put your squeezed buds into some coconut or olive oil and bring it up to about 180°F for an hour. You can use this oil in food or on your skin as a topical medicine.

Cannabinoid Therapy for Pets

Low-dose cannabis therapy is a great way to help what ails an aging pet. Just like us, dogs and cats can get great analgesic relief, sleep aid and appetite stimulation from consuming THC. Use your spent herb to infuse coconut oil as described above and put a half-teaspoon in your pet’s food. Remember, most pets have much less body weight than people, so a little can go a long way. Start with very small doses and work your way up as needed. Your old pets will sleep better, eat better and feel less pain in their aging joints.

Make Cannabis-Infused Soap

There are many recipes online for making soap at home. The basics go like this: Combine water, lye and oil by dissolving the lye in the water (while following the safety tips for this step!) and then adding it to your oil. In this case, use squeezed herbs to infuse coconut oil, then use the infused oil in a basic soap recipe. Your skin is full of cannabinoid receptors, and medicated soap is another way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Compassion Joints

You squeezed your buds and have lots of great rosin to smoke. So why not pass the leftovers along to the truly needy? Everyone knows someone who is down on their luck, financially challenged or unable to make ends meet. Lots of older people are on very fixed incomes but desperately need the relief and joy that cannabis brings. We challenge you to be compassionate—roll those squished buds up and give them to someone in need. One person’s waste can be another person’s salvation. The smile you get after you hand someone a dozen free rolled joints is priceless.

  1. WTF so you’re giving the needy all your spent and worthless weed so now they’re smoking what equates to lawn mower trimmings? Good call bud

  2. As someone who has personally smoke the after pressing chips I can tell you that they will indeed get a down on his luck stoner high. Believe it.

  3. If your gonna help someone down on their luck, why not just smoke them up with a little conversation that they probably never get a chance to have and leave them a few for the road. That could be you out in the cold, hungry, broke, lonely, scared, just the idea that someone cared enough about them to get them stoned and listen to what they have to say then leave him a few he can smoke or trade for food or something. When I lived in Texas I used to go eat my dinner with a homeless couple. I would buy all if us dinner and sit on the sidewalk and eat with them. I did it for about a week and one day they just weren’t there anymore. They were awesome people wanting travel through the country with their music. That’s how all homeless should be treated. If people just cared enough to reach out and help someone as much as they can this would be a much better world. The way we treat each other is the same way we treat God. Being a Christian Catholic I have the Holy Spirit in me. I believe anyone with the Holy Spirit in them are my brothers and sisters. People need to visit the sick, the old, those imprisoned, those in the hospital, those who lost a husband or wife. Everyone doesn’t realize we are all one. When one of us gets lost we need to go out and find them so they can return to God whom they belong to. God is merciful and kind and forgives any sin you are truly sorry for. As long as you believe His Son was crucified so that our sins can be forgiven, died, and rose again on the third day you will have Heaven. Of course you have to keep His Commandments also but if you truly have love in your heart for your brothers and sisters, not sinning against them and not sinning against our Lord becomes easy. Though forgiving certain people who hurt you deeply is extremely hard, you have to do it. It’s right in the Our Father “forgive us Our Trespasses as We forgive Those who have Trespassed against us”. It days it right there. God will judge you they way you forgave those who have hurt us. We want to walk in Gods shoes so people see His light in us and ask what we have that makes us shine so brightly and we can answer we have Jesus in our souls. You can have this light too. He gave freely of His Body and Blood so that our horrible sins can be forgiven and forgotten. Once you tell Jesus your sins and that your sorry He forgives and forgets them. We become white and pure again like the Lamb.

  4. People triggered by the compassion joint tip, have never smoked high grade with anyone above 60. They don’t want it, and say ignorant things like “This is sprayed with something”, or “Herb was stronger back in the 80s”…So give them your garbage, and steal their AARP mailers.

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