Can I Use Mirrors As Reflectors in My Growroom?

Dear Dan,
I have a question that is short and simple—Has anyone done any experiments as far as lining a grow room with mirrors to see the results that you know of, and if so, how well did it go? — Alex R.

Dear Alex,

It’s not recommended to use mirrors as reflectors in your growroom. They reflect infrared light, which is also heat and can create hot spots that will burn your plants. Some people use mylar or tin foil, but I don’t advise using them because they can provide a safe place for insects to hide and from which they can attack your plants. They can also crinkle or crease, decreasing their effectiveness. It’s much easier and better to just paint the walls of your space with flat white latex paint.

  1. Hey me and my brother are using 2 long mirrors in the middle of 6 plants. The mirrors Are laying on the ground in between the pots. So to make iit more understanding I’m running hrdoponics 3 plants on one side 3 plants on the other side. It seems to be pulling the Fan leaves down to the Mirror so there getting light but I don’t know if it’s a good thing that it’s almost tricking or if it’s bad for the plant to be growing a little bit down

  2. I’m confused. I thought both aluminized mylar and aluminum foil reflected infrared light — why emergency blankets are made out of mylar. I don’t understand why mirrors are riskier than mylar as far as infrared goes

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