Canadian Pot Activist Pledges to Give Away A Million Pot Seeds

Dana Larsen, well-known Canadian pot activist, author and politician, has pledged to send free pot seeds to anyone who wants to plant a cannabis “victory garden” this spring.

Larsen said the move was an effort to put pressure on the feds to keep their election promise and end pot prohibition.

“It is civil disobedience against the unjust pot prohibition laws that have gotten us to the verge of legalization,” Larsen announced on his new website, Overgrow Canada.

Larsen is encouraging would-be farmers to fill out a form on the website. He will then personally mail ten or 100 seeds, free of charge, to any Canadian who pledges to grow “openly and freely, preferably on your own property…let us finally bring our plants out of the closet and into the fresh air where they belong.”

In February, following a landmark court decision, Canadian MMJ patients won the right to grow their own pot, despite laws passed by the former Conservative government that required patients to buy from federal growers.

By defying the conservative government law, Larsen hopes to see the right to grow extended to recreational users at home.

Pot possession, production and trafficking are technically still illegal in Canada, although the Ministry of Public Safety has not commented on Larsen's seed giveaway, according to an article in Vice.

On his website, Larsen does not appear to be intimidated.

After all, earlier this year, in a legalization push, he mailed a copy of his new book and "dimebags" to all 184 Liberal Members of Canada’s Parliament, including a half-ounce of Purple Kush to then Prime Minister Christy Clark, according to CBC News.

Meanwhile, the newly elected government of Justin Trudeau has pledged to implement a system to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in Canada, where 68 percent of the population supports that move. PM Trudeau warns, however, that the laws haven’t changed just yet.

Hence, Larsen’s call for civil disobedience: “Every step on the path to legalization has been won through disobedience to the cannabis laws.”

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  1. I would like to no if I could get some free seeds the regular seeds I starting new and will need some help also to grow I’m not in Canada this make it hard for me to get seeds thanks for your time stay safe please

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