Foliar Feeding Pot Plants

Dear Dan,
I’m growing indoors under four 600-watt lights. What’s your opinion about misting plants with water to emulate rain? Is this a good or bad idea? How often should I mist, and during which growing cycles? Thanks! – Bob S.

Dear Bob,
Foliar feeding, or misting plants with water or mild nutrient solution, is a great idea during the vegetative stage of growth, before plants have begun forming buds that can retain water and cause the flowers to mold or rot. Plants can retain water and food through their leaves and they love to get and dust or debris rinsed off as well.

My favorite brew to use in foliar feeding is aerated compost tea. Oxygenating the tea for 24 hours multiplies the beneficial bacteria and microbes. Spraying this stuff onto the tops and bottoms of vegetating leave feeds and protects them at the same time. It’s like adding an invisible force field around your plants that discourages pests and molds from making a home there.

During the vegetative stage, you can foliar feed daily. Always apply your spray early in the “day” and not right before your lights go off. This can cause perfect conditions for mold or the dreaded PM (Powdery Mildew) to form on leaves. Protect your bulbs from any of the spray hitting them as well as this can be catastrophic, causing the bulb to explode or slowly peeling away it’s protective layers. Raise the lights if you don’t have glass shields as part of the reflectors. Cease foliar feeding once flowers have begun forming.

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