Gardening with Recycled Materials

People create a lot of garbage, it’s part of the human condition, but there are ways to cut down on the waste we create while saving a few bucks in the process. There are hundreds of ways that we can use discarded materials in the garden. Some of these techniques are very practical and some of them are just cool to look at. Let’s have a look at some of the best uses of recycled materials in a garden that we could find on Pinterest. Even though these ideas are not all from cannabis gardens, we hope that these ideas might inspire you in your own gardening work.

Watering Can

Punch a few holes in the top and fill it up with either water or nutrient solution for a very useful (and cheap) watering can.

Gravity Powered Watering Can

Punch holes in the bottom of a plastic milk jug and put one hole in the top for a gravity powered watering can.

Derelict Car Flower Bed

This one goes in the ‘not-so-practical’ category, but who wouldn’t want a VW flower bed in their garden?

Vertical Gardens

Vert gardening with a discarded tube full of soil.

Planting Racks

This rack was made from discarded wood and old milk jugs. This is an excellent way to root clones for transplanting.

Art Displays

This display was made from twine and soda bottle slung over a wall.

For more ideas on how to use recycled materials in your garden for practical, economical and esthetic purposes, you can follow our Gardening with Recycled Materials board on Pinterest.

Follow High Times’ board Gardening with Recycled Materials on Pinterest.

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