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Grow Hack: Reuse Your Ice Water Extract Flower Dregs and Water

Re-use your leftover hash-making material and sun leaves to feed your plants! Sun leaves, clippings and ice water extracted flowers can be easily made into healthy nutrients for your garden.

Water from hash making has many water-soluble plant components rich in active enzymes, nutrients and minerals. Use this water in your tea brews, as a foliar spray or pour it straight into your plants. This recycles naturally-occurring nutrients and saves precious water.

Making a hash-water, leaf nutrient tea is easy. It requires an activated effective microorganism (EM) culture and/or a lactic acid bacteria culture (LAB) and two or more other common inoculants (worm castings or food products containing live cultures). These beneficial microbial colonies blend with the raw material and digest it, making the nutrients readily available to the plant. EM will literally liquefy cannabis leaves in about 10 days.

To make an open plant fermenter, fill a food grade bucket or barrel halfway with dried or wet leftover plant material and top it off with hash-water. Then add one tablespoon per gallon EM and/or LAB, one tablespoon per gallon molasses, two or more inoculants (1/3 cup of worm castings per gallon or two tablespoons of food product inoculants per gallon). Stir this mixture vigorously.

Let this sit still in an open container for anaerobic fermentation. Check at one week for white hyphae growth, a beneficial fungal colony digesting the leaf matter. When the layer is thick, drop an aerator into the brew to oxygenate the mixture. Let this bubble for 24 hours. The oxygen will kill off any anaerobic microbes, leaving just beneficial microbes and raw nutrients. This brew can be a great addition to a compost tea (add four cups per gallon) or simply for drenching the soil (half tea and half RO water).

If you’re into organic gardening, give this method a try. Cannabis plants love fermented nutrient teas.

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