Grow Q&A: Can I Cure My Pot Harvest in Paper Bags?

Dear Dan, I have harvested my plant and my boy tells me to hang it and then put in a paper bag for a week. Is he right? Is there a better way? – Dave

Dear Dave,
No, he’s not right. Paper bags aren’t the ideal way to cure up your buds. Hang them until they are dry on the outside and the stems crack instead of bending. Then, chop off all the excess branches and leaves and put the buds into glass jars. Open the jars daily to release the moist air trapped inside and you will have far better tasting (and burning) buds rather than the method your friend suggested.

Paper bags can impart a funky flavor into your buds and they’re also capable of absorbing moisture too quickly and, because they are permeable to air, drying everything out too quickly and leaving you with bad tasting and poorly burning nuggets. Do yourself a favor and get some sealable glass jars to cure and store your buds.

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