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Grow Q&A: Can I Dry My Pot Outdoors?

Dear Dan, I’m growing for the first time and it is outdoors. I think I have everything covered except for the drying and curing process. Since I will not be able to dry it indoors, I was wondering if drying it outdoors with the buds hanging on a string between two trees with a tarp would be a possible option? Would they get moldy? – Max

Dear Max,
I don’t advise people to dry their crops outdoors for a couple of reasons. First, light degrades THC, so that any sunshine on your drying plants will decrease the potency of your pot. Also, depending on the temperature outside, you can end up drying your buds far too quickly. Hot, dry air is to be avoided during the drying process so it’s better to do it indoors where you can more easily control your environment.

Ideally, you will dry your buds in a cool dark place with an oscillating fan moving the air around (but not blowing directly on your drying branches). After about 6-10 days, when the branches snap instead of bending, trim the buds from the branches and place them in opaque airtight glass jars to cure. Open the jars one or two times a day to release built up moisture and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have properly cured buds that burn and taste perfectly.

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