Grow Q&A: Can I Grow High-CBD Pot Plants Next To THC-Rich Strains?

Photo of CBD God Courtesy of BC Bud Depot 

Dear Dan, 

I’m about to grow the CBD Therapy strain from The CBD Crew and was wondering if I can grow this strain in the same growroom as high THC strains? Will it affect the high-CBD plant in any way or perhaps it won’t matter? – Enrico A.

Dear Enrico,
You’ve chosen a great strain from a wonderful group of people! There’s no reason why you can’t grow your high-CBD strain next to other high THC varieties. There’s no chance of cross pollination or any kind of contamination of CBD with THC from different plants growing in the same space. The only thing you need to consider are the actual growing characteristics of the different plants and ensuring that they are compatible. This means you don’t want to grow a fast flowering short and stocky indica-dominant plant in the same space as a bunch of longer-flowering sativa-dominant ones. 

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  1. The answer is yes. What kind of stupid question is that? You must have zero common sense. That’s like asking if you can park a car next to a truck….. duh of course you can.

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