Grow Q&A: Can I Harvest More Than Once From The Same Pot Plant?

Dear Dan, Can I take me outside plant, cut the buds off, and move the plant indoors for the winter? Will the plant stay alive and can I clip branches off next spring to make clones? – Adrianna H.

Dear Adrianna,

The process you’re describing is called regeneration. Normally, after we harvest our plants, they’re finished and you would need to plant new seeds or clones in order to grow for the next season. However, if you just cut off the buds and leave some leaves and branches, the plant will eventually grow out new shoots and stay alive. You have to provide it with plenty of light and be quite patient, but over time, you’ll see the plant showing signs of new life. At that point, keep it happy under at least 16 hours of light and you’ll have plenty of clones for the spring. Check out the new book by J.B. Haze called Cannabis Regeneration: A Multiple Harvest Method For Greater Yields.

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(Photo courtesy of J.B. Haze)

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