Grow Q&A: Can My Weed Give Me A Panic Attack?

Dear Dan,
I’ve heard stories of people having a pounding or racing heart rate from smoking marijuana. While it’s never happened to me, I’m interested since I recently turned 50 and there is a history of heart disease in my family. I will be traveling to California in two weeks and hope to enjoy opportunities that are not available in my home state of Indiana. — George

Dear George,
There are indeed some strains of marijuana that can have this “heart-racing” effect. Typically, they are the sativa-dominant strains such as Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, Nigerian Silk or Blue Dream. If you’re worried about the effects and looking to avoid them, then do not purchase and consume sativa-dominant strains. Stick to indica-dominant hybrids.

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  1. I’ve been on Medical Meds for three years now, and I can tell you that Sativa is an uplifting strain that may keep you awake when you actually want to sleep. I use a tootsie-roll type edible, some of Indica and some Sativa. When I take the Indica variety at about 30Mg an evening, I can actually sleep longer and better on it than Sativa.
    Now for Dan’s original statement about being able to take advantage of our stuff here in California, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN my friend. He probably meant Oregon, Washington or Colorado. California is still fairly tight asses about the whole thing, unless you have a friend here who is willing to put his ass on the line for you.

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