Grow Q&A: Clean Growrooms

Dear Dan, one of my buddies always has bug problems and issues with powdery mildew in his growroom. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t even go over his place to visit in fear of bringing home any of those unwanted plagues. He thinks he’s just unlucky but I try to tell him that it’s a symptom of not keeping his growroom clean. He’s got dead leaves on the floor, all kinds of decaying matter laying around and even puddles of nutrient solution all over the floor. And that’s nothing; you should see his living room and bedroom! Can you straighten out my bro and let him know how a growroom should look? – Billy’s Bro

Dear Billy’s Bro,
I can’t over-emphasize cleanliness enough in the growroom. Most problems arise from not keeping the room clean enough from pests to molds to you name it. You wouldn’t believe how many rooms I’ve visited that had similar issues to your friends’. It all stems from a lack of initiative. Smart growers know their entire house should be kept in order. Many a neglected house plant has brought upon it’s owner a plague of pests into their life. Keep it clean and you’ll be a lot more lucky!

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