Grow Q&A: Fast Finishing Strains

Dear Dan, I live in Northern Michigan and am having trouble finding a strain that will finish in early Sept and handle cold weather and frost. So far we have had three frost nights and a very hard freeze. The plants I have now took a very hard hit. – Doug

Dear Doug,
The fastest finishing strains are indica or indica-dominant varieties so consider that a buzzword when searching for what to grow. These are typically the kind of strains that will finish in the timeframe that you’re looking for. Think of growing strains with names such as Afghani, Kush and Hashplant and avoid anything with Haze or Thai in the name. Shoot for pot varieties that flower in 60 days or less.

You may also want to consider auto-flowering strains because you can time them to finish whenever you need them to. They don’t flower only in the fall but under any kind of light so you can time them to finish in early September or even sooner. This can help you beat the frost as well as the police and thieves that plague our hobby.

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