Grow Q&A: How Do I Grow Huge Outdoor Pot Plants Next Season?

Dear Dan,
I’ve done small grows the past two summers so I’m basically a beginner. I just want to be able to grow the best marijuana I can outdoors. I want it to be the bushiest plants with the best yields and highest THC levels. I hope to get serious in the marijuana business not just because I love smoking it, but I hope to grow marijuana for medical use to help other people. If there are any tips on what soil I should use, what I should put in the water, or anything special I can do to help grow more and bigger buds with higher THC, I would appreciate it. — Conner

Dear Conner,

It’s easy to get a decent harvest of outdoor buds as long as you take certain factors into account. The most important aspects are the amount of direct sunlight your plants will receive, the genetics of the plants you choose to grow and the care with which you harvest, dry and cure your finished branches. So be sure to find a good space to put your plants, choose great seeds or clones of known origin, and put an emphasis on your processing techniques when your plants are ripe.

Native soil is different everywhere, and the levels of fertility and drainage vary greatly from place to place. Your best bet is to send away some soil samples for testing so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to make it better. I believe in no-till gardening, meaning you just continue to place composted material on top of your soil without ever having to dig it up. Some growers recommend digging up the soil the first time you plant in it, but this is dependent on how rich your soil is in the first place.

As for the water, plants in good soil and full sun will need a lot of it. Use plain water often but also plan for feedings with a nutrient solution. I prefer organic formulations and always advise using less than the recommended amounts unless you’ve detected a deficiency. Drip systems work quite effectively on outdoor plants, delivering a near constant supply of water without over doing it and reducing the amount of water wasted to evaporation and overflow.

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  1. I am currently growing a decent outdoor crop. Plant in specific i am concerned about is a, Tangerine dream x zkittlez.
    On the opposite side of my garden i currently have multiple sets of 3 sisters growing (corn, climbing beans, and squash)
    Everything is flourishing way better than expected. Rows of each are approx 4 feet from each other with small herbs in between. The beans weight snapped a corn stalk and bent down. By the time i noticed, the bean has already grown up more than 3/4 of the pot plant. I am concerned for my pot plant but also interested in the outcome. Will either plant be effected by the other or will the flourish? Same said bean plant is also growing up a mammoth sunflower with no harm. Both said plant that beans are climbing are minimum 8 foot tall.
    What am i to do?

  2. Auto flowering?? No , greenhouse? No , indoor? No craft cannabis sungrown outdoors the best ! Budtrader2 Eastern Kentucky USA .

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