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Grow Q&A: I Wanna Grow Weed, But My Parents Hate It



Dear Dan, What do you suggest for someone who has parents that are strongly against marijuana? I’m trying not to go behind their backs, and I’m trying to convince them that marijuana isn’t bad. I want to get into the business and eventually grow for a living but it’s difficult to get started with my folks being so anti.

Dear Brandon,

It’s quite understandable to you and I that marijuana has so many beneficial aspects but this is a tough thing for some people to swallow. People of an older generation were taught to fear cannabis and pot users and many have those beliefs ingrained into them.

The best you can do is tell them the truth as you know it and let them make their own decisions based upon it. Do some research ( is a great place to start) and have your arguments in order. We have the truth on our side so don’t get frustrated and certainly don’t lecture them if they’re not interested.

My own parents were very against marijuana when I was younger. They were raised in Soviet Russia to believe that all drugs are bad and saw very little difference between marijuana and heroin. Over the years, I’ve been able to sway their opinions quite drastically and now they even have an occasional toke with me on special occasions. My stepdad says it helps him with his arthritis more than any pills he’s ever tried.

You have to also consider the possibility that you won’t be able to reach them. In the meantime, respect their home and honor their wishes for as long as you live under their roof. The good news is that one day soon, you’ll move out and be living on your own and free to make the decisions you choose to make with your life. Either way, stay strong, it gets better!

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