Grow Q&A: My Pot Plant Made Seeds. Can I Plant Them?

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Dear Dan,
I read a question recently submitted by someone asking about one of their plants that produced seeds, with a great explanation of how that happened. It also said that these seeds will not produce a respectable product. With that being said (and I really hope this isn’t a stupid question), how are seeds produced that do indeed provide us with all of the magnificent strains that are available? Thank you for your expertise, by the way. I always look forward to your columns. — The Cheez

Dear Cheez,

Thanks for the kind words! The best seeds are produced by breeders who test out their crosses and do multiple crosses in order to stabilize their genetics to ensure that the seed buyer gets what they are looking for. The results of an accidental cross are typically all over the place, with many different phenotypical expressions and “muddy” genes. Real breeders work their genetic lines for years in order to make sure they won’t produce hermaphrodites and that they have hybrid vigor. Having said that, accidental crosses have also been responsible for a few of the greatest clone-only strains around, but that’s more of a matter of luck and timing than proper breeding.

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