Grow Q&A: Pot Branches Falling Down

I have what some might call a high-class problem. My buds keep growing so big that the branches fall down. What can I do to avoid sagging and breaking branches? Thanks for all your help over the years! – Diamond D

Dear DD,
There are several ways to avoid or fix the problem of sagging or breaking plant limbs. The first is to toughen up your branches as they grow using wind from fans or lightly “beating them up” as my old friend EZ-Gene would say. He used an old hockey stick as a wand at the top level of his canopy to gently bend the growing tops a few times a day. They quickly recover, but the stalks are stronger due to the light stress of being roughed up. You’re basically simulating the trials and tribulations of life outside, with winds, rain and storms that toughen up plants that survive their wrath.

Another way is to use a trellising system of some sort to keep heavy branches standing. The SCroG growing method, short for Screen of Green, uses netting into which growing shoots are trained. The screen holds the branches up as they become bud-laden and keeps them closer to the light, which is essential for proper bud formation. Some people like to string up individual branches, but this gets messy quickly and I wouldn’t recommend it for more than just a few plants.

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