Grow Q&A: Proper Watering For Pot Plants

Dear Dan, How often am I supposed water my pot plants and when do I start adding the liquid nutrients to my solution? – Anaheim Angel

Dear AA,
Plants need to be watered differently based on how old they are and how much of a root system they have. Young plants with a smaller root system require less water more frequently while larger more established plants will need a full soaking every day. Flowering plants also take up more water than vegetating plants in order to supply enough fuel to build buds.

In containers, one good rule of thumb is to pick each individual container up after watering to get an idea how it feels when full. Then, once the first few inches of mix at the top of the bucket have dried out, pick it up again to feel the weight without much water. Eventually, you’ll be able to tell exactly which plants need how much water and act accordingly.

As for nutrients, plants in soil mixes can usually go a few weeks with plain water before you’ll need to start adding the vegetative nutrients that are higher in Nitrogen (N). Hydroponically grown plants will need at least a mild nutrient solution from the moment they show roots. Once you have decided to flower your plants (soil or hydro), you’ll need to start adding flowering nutrients higher in Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K).

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