Grow Q&A: Should I Be Feeding My Auto-flowering Pot Plants?

Dear Dan, Should I add nutrients to auto-flowers – and when? I’ve heard conflicting opinions. – Corey. E

Dear Corey,
Unless you’ve customized a “hot” soil mix that has the nutrients built right in, you will need to feed your auto-flowering plants. My suggestion is to not feed for the first 4 weeks or so, then start a vegetative feeding regiment higher in Nitrogen. Continue feeding the vegetative nutrients until the plant has stopped growing upwards. With most autos, this would be about a two week period into week 6 or so.

After that, switch to a flowering nutrient regimen higher in Phosphorus for the next few weeks until you plan to start flushing the plants. Remember that auto-flowering plants are smaller with diminished root systems and ability to uptake nutes so avoid over-feeding at all costs. Start with 1/4 strength of the recommended formulas and work up to half strength if you see signs of yellowing.

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