Grow Q&A: Should I Grow My Motherplants Hydroponically?

Dear Dan, What is the best hydroponic method for long-term growth i.e. motherplants? – Alan

Dear Alan,
I usually recommend that people grow their mothers in soil or coco because they are more forgiving over a long period of time. Also, plants will grow a little slower in soil so unless you need clones all the time, you won’t have a huge unmanageable tree to trim all the time.

However, if you do choose the hydroponic route for your motherplants, my first recommendation would be Deep Water Culture (DWC). This type of system gives you plenty of space for your roots to grow and the larger amount of water allows you to change out your reservoir less frequently.

Most hydroponic systems are built to grow more than one plant but DWC can be easily used to grow a massive bush with plenty of branches and shoots from which to take clones. Just make sure you change the nutrient solution completely at least every two weeks and don’t let it get too warm or cold.

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(photo by Erik Biksa)

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